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  1. I had a small issue with trial and error, I pulled through. Here are the results. This isn't permanent I change it a lot. Edited my Truck & interior! 


    1. Werzey*


      Nice mods!

    2. xXSmokinBlazieXx
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great Photo, truck and trailer 🥰❤️:HaulieLove:

  2. I mean. I could do it for you. Come find me at discord.gg/blazie or discord.gg/hst
  3. That's because in order to get this light. You will have to replace the lights in that grill with rotary beacons default to the game. Using Game.sii and SCSDecypt. If you do not know how to use those. This video is why I sent it.
  4. There is a lot that you can do. I will just drop this here.
  5. Save edit. He has beacons behind a Grill that has been duplicated from another truck
  6. Hmmm.. SO It's been a long time since they allowed speeds well above 110km/h. Those were the good days. However it doesn't means I can't go on the arcade servers and see if I still got it. My driving skill has diminished a little bit. But here is my first attempt. 



  7. Safe travels fellow canuck 🫡🫡

    1. xXSmokinBlazieXx


      Why am I just seeing this now.. YOU TOO BRO! 

  8. Hello Everyone! I think I owe a little explanation. I have been Very Very Busy Creating things with a friend behind enemy lines. I have been harassed, Talked down, and just lied to and used. Through all my sweat tears and ability to see the better of things. We have finally finished the HighSpeed Trucking Drivers Hub Wanna see? https://www.highspeedtrucking.ca 


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Luck with HighSpeed Trucking, hope it goes well :HaulieLove:

    2. xXSmokinBlazieXx


      Thanks Man


  9. I noticed we were interrupted by Events Team! 1
  10. A lot of them can’t self justify it being a simulator. I have ran into a few who where just outright blowing the speed limit. Now they’re bug abusing and trying to get around the server limit. When ever I report people for extreme recklessness. My report times out in game. You’re better off grabbing some recording software that is third party. Catch them breaking rules, post it in an online forum report. Sent the video to YouTube or where ever.
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