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  1. Did you know you are the most reputable person on this forum with almost 29K rep points. Gawd damn! 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      thats from years of being active here 😅


  2. Happy Birthday! Plz don't Dox me ><

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Dun get mad! 

  4. I will now stare at you for the rest of the day like this O.o

    Have a good day 😄

  5. Cheers for the follow!

  6. Thanks for the follow! 

  7. Thanks for the follow. Have one back dude! 

    1. Chance The Pup

      Chance The Pup

      Definitely Thanks ! 

    2. xXBlazieXx


      Come for a drive soon man. I am trying to recruit Furries and Happy go lucky people in HST. No time to be sour! 

    3. Chance The Pup

      Chance The Pup

      I'm A Furry & A Pup Lol And Have My Own Community But Use To Be An Old In-Game Admin Back In The Day In 2019 Lol I Left Everything And Now I'm Coming Back To The Gaming World Stronger Then Ever Was Kinda Depressed For A Bit. 


  8. Bout freaking time. We needed you Soldier. Back to work. Ayyyyy Welcome back though ❤️

  9. Me and @[TGLVTC] Crysis  Before he had to go before finishing his delivery (800Miles) Remaining.






  10. Spoony!! Welcome back buddy. Good luck on the road back to G.Moderator. 

  11. Nooooo Bro! Not you too! 😭😭😭😭


    What ever happens. You know where I will be 😛 Take it easy bro. DM me sometime! 

  12. Just enjoying a PawSicle!  ArtCred: Kartria 


  13. OMG NOOOO @KhaosHammer. Buddy 4 years! Man I know life can get busy. But man I will be missing you so damn much. Keep frosty buddy, better days ahead and hopes you can come back ❤️ Gonna Miss ya Buddy. 

    1. KhaosHammer



      I'll maybe come back in the future, I don't know.

      In the meantime, stay safe and keep enjoying TMP as much as you can! 😇


      Thank you! 👊

    2. xXBlazieXx


      I will do my best man! Take care! 🤛

  14. I can see you have used up all your 10 reactions. Being limited to 10 is so stupid. 

    But happy birthday! I did not know you were a day after mine lol! 

    1. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

      Yes, this is a strange limit 😒

      Thanks for the compliments 😊. I also congratulate you on yesterday's holiday 🙃.

    2. xXBlazieXx


      haha Thanks man! 🙂

  15. Glad to see you’re back! Hope all is well Lily! 

  16. I didn't think we shared birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 

    1. ATEKGaming


      Oh! That's what you mean when you said it. Oh my lord. 

    2. xXBlazieXx
  17. That's a nice truck you got there @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Cheers Man.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xXBlazieXx


      Found it in your favorites. That'

      s why I am thanking you. 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. xXBlazieXx


      Came up in my friends recommend. 

  18. Was out for a rip, Finishing a Job in ETS2. My truck blew a turbo and caused a fire ball to come out of the exhaust. IT WAS COOL


  19. Out for a rip. Different scenery this morning. 




  20. Heeyyyyyyy Congrats!! 

  21. I made dinner. It's delicious






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