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  1. I keep coming back to your profile. Thinking maybe this was all a bad dream.. Miss you man.. 

  2. David. I love you Bro. I was holding onto hope that you would pull through. You were an amazing soul. A very generous person.  I have been friends with you for quite some time. I am here trying to hold it together but I am just running tears on full stream. I miss you so much brio. Rest easy. You are not in pain anymore.. ❤️

  3. I am hungry! FEED ME PICTURES OF FOOD! 

  4. UwU Hope everyone is having a great afternoon!

  5. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. 'Avolites.


      Thank you too, for the Follow!

  6. Just a random Meeting and a wild @flowahh@Can' @Fox7y And a bunch others



  7. Found a Wild @Catmannnn







  8. Only a Half Hour Until this starts! Anyone Else Coming? Also I am live on twitch 😄 

    https://truckersmp.com/events/7177-aurora-vtc-convoy   https://www.twitch.tv/xXSmokinBlazieXx

  9. Ayyyy Thanks for the follow back ❤️ 

    1. Aras.


      You're welcome :HaulieLove:

  10. So Pretty!  944f8f9cdc4ea91066edca602b5738d2.jpg

    1. HeavenN.


      Nice Truck! :HaulieLove:❤️

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photo and Scania, love the colour combo 🥰❤️:HaulieLove:

    3. xXBlazieXx


      Thank you & THANK YOU! 

  11. If anyone who knows how to locally mod stickers to a window so they show up for me in MP. Can you please reply to this comment and show me how. 

  12. I actually love my new truck colors. It's not too obvious is it? 

  13. Just a small throw back from ATS in 2016. 





  14. Streaming the TGL Founders Convoy! https://www.twitch.tv/xxsmokinblaziexx



  15. Thank you for the follow. Have a follow back!

  16. Thanks for the follow. Welcome to TruckersMP. If you ever need any assistance. Don't worry. Just use the Support team here at TMP

    The Link is here: https://truckersmp.com/support

    Or just come ask me. Have a follow back.


    Just noticed we have the same birthday. Hahahaha. Nice

    1. Anika-Chan UwU

      Anika-Chan UwU

      Wow we do have the same birthday! Big year difference though 🙂

    2. xXBlazieXx



  17. Happy Birthday Patrick! 

  18. I Had a fun drive earlier today with @KittyGirl*& @Candimane Kittens of TMP =^w^= ❤️❤️ 



    1. Gani.


      Nice photo! 

    2. xXBlazieXx
  19. TGL (Triangle Gaming Logistics) "We aren't Squares"

    Just out for a "Casual" Drive and had one hecc of a turn out. Well done TGL ❤️








    At a Volvo plant with a Bunch of Scanias and one Merc🤣




    Psst: >>> https://truckersmp.com/vtc/15980 <<<

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. ClemTruck.


      Beautiful photo ! 

    3. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

  20. TGL Successfully completed the delivery of two locomotives during a busy Drive!! 




  21. Just out for a cruise with tha bois!



  22. Couldn't have happen to a better person. You deserved it RJ. Congrats Buddy ❤️

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