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  1. This is a rant to all those annoying forum members that say things like "Update the mod now please thanks" or "Can you hurry up and update the mod" or even "When is it going to be updated I wanna play now". Listen here you impatient people. As much as I want to curse and roast you all so badly. I won't. This entire team is not paid, none of the donations or funds from ADs go in the teams pockets. It goes to server costs, upkeep and domain costs, protection, security and more but never in their own pockets. I can't imagine the amount of patience the freaking team has to put up with all you constant naggers and re-posters. Making repetitive topics won't make them go any faster and it floods the forums. Cu do's to them all! If I ever got my forum Mod back I would have a lot of fun locking all the repetitive comments. But you're all lucky I can't just hop back on and off the team like a game mod. But what I would suggest and keep your hands to your self and off the keyboard. Stop whining and grab your blanket, pop a squat in the corner because the dev team isn't going to speed things up just because you had the ignorance to demand something that "Volunteers" do. If you wonder. They can drop the project and make us wait longer or even worse. They could stop maintaining the MOD and we would be stuck together in the dark ages before the mod for multiplayer ever existed. 


    In my opinion.. The next person should get a forum warning point for repetitive post and demanding among what one can't control.. 

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    2. Guest


      Although I don't know what you are talking about, it will not affect me.

    3. xXBlazieXx


      LMAO. @[CHINA]TACHOGRAPH The fact you don't know what I am talking about proves my point. Uneducated and annoying. Bye. 

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