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  1. So! I have to say I am FINALLY happy to be driving in ATS. My favorite trucks of all time just dropped in the game! MACK!! Yes Mack! Precisely, The Mack Anthem!! So I figured it would not hurt to take the Anthem on it's first ride in a Special Job in Single Player! Let me know if it sucks eh? 


    Super Secret Spoiler Video (Publicity Posted May 2nd - 12pm Eastern) <~ Super Secret YouTube Link 

  2. Really Loving this new RTX 2080! 




  3. So I am enjoying my new set up! Come join me! 


  4. Thank you for the follow ! 😁







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    2. xXBlazieXx [G920]
    3. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Green and black are really cool colours together, I really like your triple trailer take care when you drive that.😄 Nice gaming setup. 🎮

    4. xXBlazieXx [G920]

      xXBlazieXx [G920]

      @rakster_kssg I actually agree and thank you so much! 

  6. WOW! I have been with out net for so long it feels like I don't even know any of you anymore! Jokes! It's only been 24hours offline 🤣


  7. Here is my take on this. - Keep the police cars FOR ADMINS AND HIGH RANKS ONLY!! - There already is a non collision server. - If you want to know what it’s like, instead of asking for a whole server where you can drive a police car! Just go to suggestions and ask for an event almost like TMP5 and call it consumer appreciation. I do not support civilian available police cars unless it’s a special event. Cheers
  8. Too Fancy? 




    1. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Looks amazing ! :wow:

    2. xXBlazieXx [G920]

      xXBlazieXx [G920]

      Why thank you @rakster_kssg


      It looks even better at night in game


  9. Wew, it's been a while but I am live on Twitch again


    1. dogukanorakci


      I wish you good publications and good travels

  10. Hey buddy, I have used wheels for a while, from the Logitech G25 ~> G27 ~> and the one I have now is the G29
  11. Soooo Pretty!





    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      😮 Cool!:wub:

  12. As far as I know. Triples are done by save editing. The doubles came with the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC. You will need to construct them with in the DLC. To have the trailers spawn anywhere else you will need to save edit more.
  13. I don't think I have enough tractionunknown.png

    1. vampire hunter

      vampire hunter

      well at least the good thing is that you are safely off the roadway from impeding any incoming traffic XD😄

    2. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      I'm on the scene, too,Your truck is amazing!:LUL:

      Good luck to you!💪

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