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  1. We found em bois! 20191117121640_1.jpg


    Really weird beach. Roosters, Horses and the Lochness monster and trucks Euro_Truck_Simulator_2_Screenshot_2019.1

  2. Driving with a friend 20191116103033_1.jpg


    Watch the stream :D


  3. ♫ Walk it, Talk it - Migos ft. Drake ♫ 


    Just some early Morning trucking. Stay safe out there. 



    1. (SRB) floppy

      (SRB) floppy

      Nice Scania !

  4. EU: No right on red Round abouts are all over the world now and they have the same rules
  5. Actually. I have had issues even in vanilla regarding HCT trailers. One actually being in a recent status post.
  6. Well then... unknown.png That is the most chill employee I have ever seen. 

  7. With in 5 mins of ETS2 Simulation 1 (NON PROMODS) I begin to blow blood vessels. Have all the stupid gone bananas? This was the end result before I exploded. I am now waiting for the 35 videos in 15 mins to upload. SO PLEASE ENJOY THIS AFTER MATH


  8. Proud of this Actually 


  9. Had A fun drive. Thanks @Twilight_Sparkle



  10. 20191109131956_1.jpg20191109132014_1.jpg


    Security Cam Shot 




    Blazin' Speed Transports :D 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos and nice colours :wub:🥰

  11. Let me drive my road train... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 



    1. YusuFuuR


      Beatiful a truck :)

    2. Twilight_Sparkle
  12. I am actually having a lot of fun driving this. >:D 



  13. I am not dead.. My neighbor had a tantrum and thought a great resolution was to cut my outdoor fiber wires so I have no internet -_-

    1. ZakYeen


      #JustSloughThings 😜

  14. Well I had quite the fun evening. But now I do need my sleep at it is 3:34am and I need to be up for 7am. 3 hours or so. Enjoy this pretty good night picture as I sleep. 



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