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    Trucks, Music, Games, Biking, Extreme biking, Recording game play and streaming. I enjoy the odd task that may be a challenge for me. I'm always around if people need help. Just ask me.
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96wmAvi4UGo

    Cop to Dispatch: I'm in a high speed pursuit of a pink barbie jeep. 

    Dispatch- Barbie jeep? You mean Like a full size jeep painted like barbie?

    Cop- no a damn power wheels doing 80 on the interstate

    Dispatch- say again 

    Cop- power wheels jeep doing 95 on interstate in pursuit

    Dispatch- sir you may have had too many brownies at a pot party

    Cop- Suspect is doing a wheelie at 100mph and losing me send a chopper for back up, i repeat send back up

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