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  1. Problem solved, thanks for the help guys.
  2. Looking into it right now. I'll let you know later today.
  3. Hi, so last month my laptop has been acting really strange. Every week there was an issue in one of the games I play or in all of them. Unfortunately this week I couldn't find a fix and the affected game is ets2 :/. Basically what happens is I just drive around and every 5-10 seconds I get an earrape sound and a lag that can be even 10 seconds long. (the sound goes through the whole lag and stops exactly at the end of the lag) I had issues like this in games countless times on this laptop but there was a fix every time. I don't know if there's like a hardware damage or something. (It's a 4 year old laptop so the warranty is expired). If there's someone kind enough to help me I can donate like a cheap skin in csgo or something. I'm really desperate. Specs: GPU: 950M 2GB CPU: i7 5700HQ RAM: 8GB Make: MSI Model: GE62 2QL Apache
  4. Thank you for your answer! Any mods if possible lock
  5. Today ive been playing ets2mp and server updated when i tried to update client this message appeard : I tried pressing OK or Storno but nothing worked
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam not responding.
  7. Yesterday i added 23 tracks into my radio ingame music. When i try to run it in mp game crash. In SP fine.
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