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  1. I've been doing 80 in areas where the limit was 60 so i think that's not the problem I don't remember turning it off. In the TruckerMP settings or ETS2 settings?
  2. So I've been playing MP for a while now and I never actually got a speeding ticket although I don't always respect the speeding limit. Is it supposed to be this way? Thanks!
  3. So I've played MP on a PC while in winter break and now that I need to get back to work I would like to play on the same profile I used on that PC. From what I've seen Steam does not sync your profiles on all PCs that are connected to that account, so my only option is to copy the profile from the ETS2 folder on a USB and then put it on the other PC? I want to know if that's the way I should go about this. Thanks!
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