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  1. Is there any love for the underdogs?

    I own and drive MB Actros, Stralis Hi-Way and DAF all in EU6 config with ~500-530hp. Further I own new Scania S and Volvo FH with 500hp. MB and Iveco have ~65000km, DAF ~50000km Scania ~30000km and Volvo is very new.
  2. Greeting other truckers?!

    50-50 to other players. Sometimes honking, sometimes flashing.
  3. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    From Oslo to Kristiansand - Stavanger - Bergen most scenic routes to drive.
  4. I have them all, nobody sitting at www.ams.at/
  5. All DLCs in ETS2 and I have ~98,6% Now I want to explore the last few roads in Italia. I only explore doing WoT Jobs and set my route that I use some unexplored roads. I see it as a challenge but Italia has many highway crosses with much roads...
  6. What engine do you use?

    Around 500hp in several trucks, all EURO6 engines and chassis. Except Volvo FH with EU5 EEV engine.
  7. How often do you replace your truck in-game?

    I have 6 trucks on my own: Scania S, Volvo FH, DAF EU6, Iveco EU6, Actros EU6 and another Actros with modded 530hp engine for Singleplayer. Now they have between 1000km and 65000km. I change them usually at about 200000km. Most of the time i only change their looks and keep chassis. My employees have 4 brands of trucks: Scania S, DAF, Actros and Iveco all with Euro6 engines. I changed them once complete when they all reached about 1000000km. Some of them had to be selled cause I bought some new Scania S after release. Sometimes I have a look on statistics which drivers with wich truck brands earn more money or have less costs of repair and fuel. But I cant see any differences so I think you can buy what you want for them. It doesn`t have affect how fast your money increases.
  8. [VOTE] Which road do you like to run most when playing the game ?

    Scandinavia and Italy and some routes in France. Altough A13 in Austria.
  9. Today I got my new Logitech DF G29 . I will install it the next days. Now I drive with keyboard on a laptop. Edit: Installed it yet and now works very well. Have to setup force feedback an other keys til it is perfect for me.
  10. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    I dont know any long distance truck (Fernverkehrs-LKW) with only 6 gears.
  11. Favorite Truck on ETSMP

    Since the new model is in the game it is Scania S. Before it was DAF XF Euro6, Iveco hi-Way and new Actros. Now I drive randomly this 4 models in change.
  12. Version veröffentlicht

    Genügt eigentlich Standlicht oder muss man mit Abblendlicht fahren? Ab 19h ist ja Abblendlicht Pflicht, aber davor?
  13. Awesome! But why don`t use truckers their seat belts?
  14. Do You Save Fuel?

    Yes, I care about fuel consumption. I take >98% WoT contracts, so I only go 85-90kmh. Everytime I take some fuel, I reset the boardcomputer and mostly I have consumtion between 25 and 30l/100km. Trucks are Actros MP4 1845, DAF Facelift 450, Iveco Hi-Way 460 and since 1 week Renault Premium Race Edition 460. Always with 12 speed automatic and retarder. I use the retarder more often and let the truck sail a lot when I have to change road. And, yeah, it makes fun to drive with less fuel consumption.
  15. Poll About Driving Behaviour

    I usually follow the speed limit an drive max 85kmh. On 2 lane roads I go 85kmh when its safe or the engine is strong enough. In cities I go between 50 and 60. Red lights and stop signs will be ignored when there is no other traffic. Sometimes I see others too late, ok it can happen. If there are blue dots around me, I will stop, and when they are away, I will go further, cause red light takes much time. Mostly I avoid C-D and when I have a load around, I go on the highway in the south.