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  1. happy birthday pal

    1. Nomad.


      Thank you :HaulieLove:

  2. the new DAF has a very nice interior imo, check it out if you didnt
  3. congrats sir

    1. karnet


      Thank you sir! 🤠

  4. 10+ yillik oyuncuyum, hangi oyun olursa olsun fark etmiyor bizimkiler hep böyleydi. nedeni basit, anne babalarin cocuklarini yetistirme tarzi.
  5. happy birthday sir

  6. probably coconut-blueberry redbull & orange juice
  7. happy birthday

  8. Not a fan of the april fools joke C-D road at all. Also, there was a topic about this a week ago or so, where some players of the community discussed this and made a sketch/plan of an example on how to expand it and what to change exactly. Sadly I can't find it. I have the feeling like there is gonna be a change sooner or later as the servers max player count has been increased recently.
  9. deserved, congrats mate 🙂

    1. LillefixHD


      Thank you!

  10. happy birthday

    1. .Turtle.


      Thank you! 🙂 

  11. For interacting obviously, although I would like to see the playerbase spread all over the map. You barely see anyone outside of C-D sadly
  12. Dead by Daylight, CS:GO, Black Desert Online, Stardew Valley & Battlefield 1 nowadays
  13. Hello trucker buddies, i've been around now for 7 years now (played with breaks) and realized something very negative during my comeback. I've been playing actively since the beginning of this year and could make a summarize of the current situation about skoda drivers. While back then we had crazy skoda drivers, nothing new but it wasn't like this to be honest, now the toxicity level has been increased drastically. I don't know whats the reason behind this, soft punishments or more clueless kids joining TMP? Anyway, I am talking about players using the emergency lane during traffic jam as an advantage OR the most disturbing thing; they drive between both lanes, right in the middle of the road. Like I mean do they think, that they are motorcycles? It's insane, I really dont remember such behaviours back in the days, yeah it was a problem, but now it's pure chaos, they just try anything to ruin the gameplay. What do you think about this? Im really disturbed by the current situation, it ruins the simulation experience and in my opinion, something must be done. EDIT: I don't want to start any debate or spread negativity don't get me wrong. I know there are also normal skoda drivers out there but maybe like 20%
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