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  1. Sad to see you go good luck for the future

    1. Cowie


      From me too :wub:

  2. I will miss you my friend.

  3. Sad to see you go :(


  4. All e best


    1. Syntackz


      Thanks Zen. I may be waiting for you.:(
      you were the one best guys in ever met in a multiplayer world. :(

  5. 'Cos I'm in the mood for some Echosmith aha. Just because. 

    Bai now :)6uNHVIE.png Thanks for all the support from both members and staff. 

    Goodluck and wishing everyone all the best, be it RL and/or virtual AvWXVjK.png

  6. Welcome back and congratulations AvWXVjK.png

  7. fubGHlX.gifLrcss1b.gif



  8. April update: - Both MP games. - Patch Version - Begins the moment you start the game with the TMP client. Continues in actual gameplay as well. So problem persists with and without logging in. - Basically an occuring lag spike on our screens. To other players, it could be a devastating rubber-banding of ourselves or a minor pushback which may or may not be seen from time to time. You may watch the videos and watch the Steam FPS counter as well (top left hand corner) Time period of occurring spikes you may rely on my video recorded today after updating the TMP client - Roughly about 15-16 seconds based on my counting. - No other programs were active at the point of recording, only Steam, the game and GeForce Experience used to record. ETS2MP: ATSMP: ATS / ETS2 / GTA5 / GTA5Online / Guild Wars 2 - Completely smooth gameplays even at high/ultra settings with actual gameplay(s) involved.
  9. :troll: it's okay. we enjoy those songs on our own personal playlists :lol:

  10. @Kostya Gutyrchik No problem Please let our Support team know if you have your answer by using the vote system on the left side of the post so they can classify this topic appropriately.
  11. Devs are in the know, please be patient. When it comes out, it will be announced here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/12-development-announcements/ Meanwhile, just downgrade if you wish to play MP. If you want to take part in the new SCS event, do it in Single Player with the latest version for now.
  12. Another one of @[ROADKING/02]-Lowzy's imbalanced accessory shots :troll:

    + another Chinese user who decided to join us in the photo.

    I can't find your name on the forums. If you are here, do let me know and I'll tag you, Mr. Chinese user in the red scania :)


    1. Syntackz


      you didn't invite me. :(

    2. Caricature


      You were in ZZZ mode

    3. Syntackz


      Shhh Shh. just noticed you rank lol.

  13. As usual I do what I do best.. but well.. I mean what's new.. 


    Popcorn.. tacos.. kebabs.. yeaahhh some beer would be good too AvWXVjK.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Caricature


      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ only for those who do then :)

    4. [MIB] Agent "F"

      [MIB] Agent "F"

      I got your back bro.  :<)

  14. Really minor aesthetic case for me. But if the majority is able to get the vote for this, well then thanks. But no biggie. So -1 as I'd rather the focus be on trucks, or truck related issues which the base game supposedly only provides.
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