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  1. juz mam firme
  2. Nick w grze: n0obz Wiek: 13 (prawie 14) Miejsce zamieszkania: Hiszpania Sterowanie: Logitech G25 SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iLikeHD/ Staż w grze: 2 lata Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: Nie Przedstaw się: Nie bylem jeszcze w zannej firmie i bym chcial byc w jednej
  3. Nope it just a no damage if some1 crash me I got 0% damage
  4. Of course, I will not use it for ram people or troll Thanks for info guys ^^
  5. Hey, I have a question. Is it allowed to use no damage cheat on MP for don't get damage from bad drivers or laggers? It's not used to troll people or anything. Thanks.
  6. Hey i have the lastest version of ETS2 and it gives me an error telling me i need and i have how i can downgrade my version ? or when it will be updated?
  7. Hey i think its a server error i tried with a fully server and when im in queue all working no crashes on f7 etc but when i get connected to any server it crashes so maybe i think its not me
  8. i did it too that is the problem i made a lot of things but still dont working thats weird cuz ATS works perfectly for me
  9. I reinstalled nothing still crashing i did it but still yes i leaved from pc like 30 mins and when i back it was still i have windows 10 x64 gtx 740 16gb ram so i dont think its system
  10. My internet is slow so it will be like 3 / 4 days download no i have drivers and garages my save is not damaged i tried with other, im playing in high graphics 40 fps but when i change to bad graphics it crash too, i dont have tunned truck cuz i dont like it
  11. mostly when u sreach mods its wrote if it works or not with some dlcs
  12. hi my ETS2MP and ETS2 crashes every time when i use f5, f7 or change some settings all my system gets locked and i need restart my computer game.crash.txt game.log.txt