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  1. Hi there, Thank you for your question. To answer your question, our staff themselves were not necessarily impacted by supporting the winter physics mod on our servers. However, in terms of bans, we do certainly see a number of bans being issued due to players losing control of their vehicle while driving with this physics modification activated. In consequence, a new ban appeal excuse tends to increase in popularity during this time if the year. More precisely, when the winter mod (+physics) is supported on our servers, many players will use this to their advantage to appeal their ban blaming the winter mod for their poor driving. However, as a reminder to everyone, playing with this mod enabled does not grant you permission to violate our rules. It is important to adjust your driving to the road conditions, as you should do in real life. Therefore, when you are playing with this mod enabled, it is highly recommended to reduce your speed in case of any ice on the road that could cause you to lose control. Most importantly, we do not accept the excuse of "winter mod, sorry!" in ban appeals, despite how many players continue using this in their appeals every year. I hope this answers your question! Cowie
  2. Cowie

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  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Cowie

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  6. Merry Christmas Cowie! 🎅🎄❤️

    1. Cowie


      Thank you, same for you.

  7. Merry christmas Cowiee ❤️ 🙂 🎄🥳 

    1. FourP.


      Merry Christmas ❄🎄✨

    2. Cowie


      Thank you!

  8. Hope you have a good Christmas Bud 🙂 

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      Thanks, you too.

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  10. Hey Cowie thanks for looking at my application 

  11. Cowie

    I missed it, but Happy Birthday! Hope you have been well.

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      Cheers mate! I hope all is well with you too!

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