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  1. Vídeo 1: Normal speed: Look that here I can reach +140 km/h with no problem Vídeo 2: Speed problem that I have: Look that I can't go faster than 125 km/h I'm using mouse and keyboard. My transmission settings are "Simple Automatic" and "adaptive automatic transmission" is unactivated. Here's the game log file. game.log.txt
  2. I know this. I like to use the Scania 750 hp and even outside the cities the problem still occurs.
  3. Hello, I need some help here: All my trucks are very slow. Sometimes I can't go faster than 90 km/h and some other times I can't go faster than 97 km/h, like if it was my speed limit. Only on a few times I can go faster than 97 km/h, but now my maximum speed seems like 120 km/h instead of the 150 km/h, what it should be on Europe 2. This occurs with all of my trucks: DAF, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, RENAULT. The "speed limit option" on menu is alredy unchecked. I've alredy tried to modify the "config" file on Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 (put uset g_use_speed_limiter "1" to uset g_use_speed_limiter "0") but nothing works. Even the "speed limit option" on ETS2MP is unchecked, but I'm still slow. (and I'm not talking about World Of Trucks loads, which speed limit is 90 km/h) It seems like on ETS2 Offline the problem doesn't occurs. Anyone can help me?
  4. Então galera, comprei o jogo na Steam nessa promoção de inverno. Baixei o TruckersMP e joguei online normalmente nos 2 primeiros dias, Porém hoje não consigo entrar no online. Quando inicio o jogo, simplesmente a tela fica toda preta porém o som continua rolando normalmente, até que a tela inicial aparece, porém a tela que aparece não é a do Online e sim do Offline. E assim que aparece a tela, o jogo trava e não consigo mexer o mouse. Gostaria de saber se alguém tem a solução pra esse erro. (Lembrando que nos dois primeiros dias pegou normal e hoje, 05/01/2017, o modo MULTIPLAYER não quer pegar) Att.
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