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  1. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: The last one Controllers Used: Keyboard and mouse Description of Issue: "save failed. Profile was not created!" I try to make a new profile but it doesn't work it shows me this ""Save failed. Profile was not created!" help me i am trying to fix this but i can't , How to reproduce: It is write or wrote up (i don't have a good english sorry) Screenshots / Videos: None.
  2. Ok, thank you I hope to see it... How much i need to wait?
  3. Ok, but I am newbie how I can change my name tag when I have the account banned.. And the ban expires never.. Can you teach me how to change tag and get unmanned? Like go to setting->> go to name something of this type.
  4. I'm sory but i'm not good at english because i am romanian ...What is change tag then appeal if i will know i will resolfe this problem.I didn't block or crash someone or do something wrong i just did this but what is it?Can you explain me?And unbann?Please Unban I write to appeal Sistem but I didn't get help. UNBAN ME PLEASE...
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