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  1. Привет. Чтобы решить эту проблему, вы должны обновить игру на пару, потому что у вас есть последняя версия TruckerMP но не ETS2 Спасибо за чтение
  2. Привет @Sergik__01031981 не знаю, если вы работали до MP Дальнобойщики, несколько часов назад они поставили обновление, попробуйте обновить мультиплеер, если вы не работает, попробуйте открыть его в качестве администратора или Дальнобойщики MP удалить и переустановить. Спасибо за чтение
  3. Almeiras2

    Job sync

    The easiest way to have the same loads is to have the same abilities and be in the same city. You go to external contracts and take the same load at the same time (having the same abilities most of the charges have to match), because if you do not at the same time the load will disappear. Thank you for reading
  4. Hello InstantAvant. From what I can see in the photo gives a problem of disk space. I recommend you make space on the disk and re-download TruckersMP. Another option is to download the program into another memory of the computer that is free. If none of this works take a look at this topic about TruckersMP launcher error messages Thanks for reading
  5. Almeiras2

    Game freezes

    Hi, Zurgui. I do not know the features of your computer, so I can not tell you if it's because the computer can not with the game. I would recommend removing the mods, or turning off the radio. You may also have many songs in the folder to play music and the game weighs a lot. Try closing other applications or decreasing game graphics. Another solution may be to open the game as an administrator. Thanks for read
  6. You need to go to the mod folder (Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> mods), and delete all mods. You can visit this post:
  7. Hello @XpLoD, I recommend that you start TruckersMP as an administrator, if that does not work remove the mods, as they can slow down the game and in the TruckersMP are not allowed. I have 4 GB of RAM and 550 MB of graphics and it works for me, so the original game without mods would have to work. If none of that works look at this post: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/41898-tmp-stops-working/&do=findComment&comment=405344 Thank you for reading. Good luck with the problem
  8. Almeiras2

    control Scoda

    Hi, Faby, skoda is a very difficult car to drive, so there are things that make it easier to drive, but that does not mean that they will make the driving easy, it will only be a little easier. To improve driving you can maximize braking in the game settings. You can also brake before the curve and not inside it, since the skoda is a very unstable car and with a little frenzy while you turn the car is going to de-control. As @RayRay5 says you can use a steering wheel to make driving easier. Thanks for reading
  9. Hi Snack. You can try to open the installer as administrator by right clicking} Open as administrator
  10. Hello Piggy_ With the information you gave me I would recommend reinstalling the Truckers MP from the official website: https://truckersmp.com/download
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