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  1. robinotte

    Scania T cab

    there is a dutch company (vlastuin) who makes custom t-series from the new scania models, it would be a cool dlc, but i dont think we will see that happening anytime soon. but if they ever want to add something they should make a dlc with mutiple truck models like the scania T, the volvo vnr, iveco strator, daf xt?. though the daf xt is a custom build one aswell, it looks nice. and there would be alot more iveco's driving around if they added the strator because the normal iveco's arnt so attractive.
  2. robinotte

    Ford F-Max

    could use some more toughess, its a cool truck but its too "curvy". dont get me wrong, i think its a cool truck, but the scania R has a "angry" look which i like very much, the f-max just doesnt get there for me.
  3. no, this isnt a racing game and 150km/h is more than enough. 80 is maybe even too high for in the city, why would you need to drive 80? what they could do is straighten up the zones, sometimes when you drive out of some cities there is a long way before you get out of the city zone.
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