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  1. gucci39

    MP mods

    Thank you guys so much for the help! Appreciated it and it's was very helpful for me!
  2. gucci39

    MP mods

    Hello community, im wondering which mods we are able to use in multiplayer?
  3. Hello truckers, Today me and my friend decided to make a convoy. Both of us saved the game and after that we went to "ets2sync.com", downloaded the synced file game.sii after all we replaced the file. In game i loaded the game but my friend got a "error" which says that he has mods which they're making problems and they're not compatible and we cannot take a similiar jobs. What could he does ?
  4. Hello I want to make a "convoy" with my friend but i just really don't know how to do it. I tried to find any information about that but only the one thing which I found is the ets2c.com ( Convoys and Meetings ). We went to Leipzig and we got the same cargo but the deliveries were for different cities. How can we take same deliveries ? By the way in the last one hour one "streamer" which is playing different game was talking about ets2 MP and he said that he can makes a convoy with another streamer and take a same deliveries, but he didn't say how. Please if someone know how to make this, please explain. Best Regards, Mario.
  5. Hello guys. I decided to "cheat" money because I am very nervous of the players which are "trolling" and after every delivery i must go to visit the service to fix my truck. So i was reading the topics which contains a cheat engine but no one helped me to cheat money. Also i watched a videos on youtube but also no one helped me ( all videos are made on single player ). If someone have "cheated money" would you help me with this. I have Cheat Engine 6.5 version.
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