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  1. yo ante tenia windows 8 y haora tengo windows 10 y quiere devolverlo a 8 solo que no me deja me sale un error
  2. ya hice todo eso ma nada siempre no se habre el juego ya no se que hace para resolver esto problema ya contate el suporte ma nada ninguna respuesta
  3. ya lo hice descarge de nuevo el launcher como hago a cotactar el suporte?
  4. este ya carge el video en youtube este es el link:
  5. muchas gracias ya hago el video y se lo muestro
  6. ya lo hice nada todavia no pasa nada me quedo esperando y no pasa nada
  7. ya lo hice ma nada me quedo esparando y no pasa nada
  8. Buenas miren yo cuando apro truckersmp no pasa nada me quedo esperando alguin sabe como resolver ya entente a descargalo de nuevo solo no me abre ni aparce por jugar yo ya juge al truckersmp y nunca me dio este problema

    Mr. prejudice admin reportare wanted this guy for making me lose 2 loads and played griffando I'd like it to be bannado vore siborsato of damage caused appearance thanks his answer




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    2. MegadethSteve666


      @Jacrispy_Cones actually it doesn't prove that at all because from that angle it could be one of 3 things, the guy is ramming the camera truck, the camera truck is trying to force his way past against the guard rail, the truck is changing lanes and didn't see the camera truck either due to driver error or lag. 


      Screenshots dont really prove prove anything unless it's something like blocking or overtaking a traffic jam, things that an admin can clearly see as what is described, video evidence will always be 10000 times better for this sort of incident.


    3. CaptainKostaZ




      Forum is not a place to report players. :)


      In order to report a player you should do what this Guide says: 


    4. Perruncho



      I can say that if you find beware is EUR 2 does not leave you more impace eye


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