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  1. WeisseWolfe

    Server keep disconnecting

    thanks for help, it work for me, no problems anymore !!
  2. WeisseWolfe

    Server keep disconnecting

    Since yesterday my game keeps disconnecting. Almost every 5 minutes it disconnect and connect again. Even my ping is normal and no players around me... Don't know what is wrong
  3. WeisseWolfe

    Game keep freezing

    still the same now when i take the boat
  4. WeisseWolfe

    Game keep freezing

    verified the game files and put my music on pause, now it seems to work. thanks guys
  5. WeisseWolfe

    Game keep freezing

    It was a few days ok, but since yesterday the game keep freezing when i quick travel or load my trailer. it get worse. i try now for the 3the time in a row loading my trailer but it's Always the same. freezing while loading and need restart pc over and over... (bad english)
  6. WeisseWolfe

    game crash

    okay thankyou, i thought i was the only one with that problem
  7. WeisseWolfe

    game crash

    Game keep crashing when i quick travel to another garage or i travel with the boat...
  8. WeisseWolfe


    Since last update you can take the new beacons on the trucks in MP. are the strobe beacons allowed on the lowest bullbar or not? you can take them without a singleplayer mod but maybe they are still not allowed in MP. thanks and sorry for bad english
  9. WeisseWolfe

    MP update for ETS2 ver. 1.30 is not working

    thanks mate, thought it's only my pc not working
  10. New update is not working for me. can't play singleplayer + i can't start MP because an error
  11. WeisseWolfe


    allright thanks guys it's working again
  12. WeisseWolfe


    yep, still the same
  13. WeisseWolfe


  14. WeisseWolfe


    still not working. i can't instal MP launcher anymore