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  1. Game issue

    Yeah, thanks that fixed my issue, probably should have thought of that myself.
  2. Game issue

    Hello, My issue isn't really related to TruckersMP in specific, sorry for bringing it here. I wouldn't be bringing it here, asking for help, although it has become worse and is actually hindering me. Basically when I launch my game and make it to the profile selector, when it prompts the confirmation about the request for SDK features, after I hit "Ok" my game freezes for an extensive amount of time... -- http://Jay.is-fi.re/7f99c2.png It didn't use to freeze for as long as it does; It started freezing for longer after I Factory reset my computer. I have tried reinstalling the game, verifying the game files and launching in safe mode; All concluded in the same problem. This happens in both SP and MP Thanks for any help, Rhyss
  3. What song are you currently listening to?

  4. ETS2 Gift Trailer Mod [Doesn‘t work in the 1.31]

    Loooks decent mannn
  5. Warning sound for AFK kick

    +1 -- This could be extremely useful for when your checking things like forums or discord and your writing long replies or something of the sort.
  6. Ah, i wasn't completely sure what was happening with the colours Thanks <3
  7. Traffic light and junction chaos

    Don't see why not
  8. How many employees do you have in ETS 2 or ATS ?

    I don't have any.. Mostly for the fact of i haven't got around to it yet
  9. What engine do you use?

    I'm driving a scania S with a 370 HP engine