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  1. Music. Yes or No?

    Yeah, i have to have some sort of music on or else i just get rllllly bored
  2. Multiplayer Launcher

    +1 definitely gives a better look for tmp
  3. I'm looking to buy the italia dlc and most likely rainbow six siege
  4. Banned because your MousePad is literally called Red Square
  5. ETS2 Gift Trailer Mod

    Loooks decent mannn
  6. Banned because your birthday's in may
  7. Warning sound for AFK kick

    +1 -- This could be extremely useful for when your checking things like forums or discord and your writing long replies or something of the sort.
  8. Ah, i wasn't completely sure what was happening with the colours Thanks <3
  9. Traffic light and junction chaos

    Don't see why not
  10. I don't have any.. Mostly for the fact of i haven't got around to it yet
  11. What do you use to record?

    Yeah, been using Shadow play/Geforce experience the whole time i've played ets2, hasn't let me down yet
  12. What engine do you use?

    I'm driving a scania S with a 370 HP engine