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  1. hell started in Bratislava:D



    1. SuperHoops


      Busy busy busy :) 

  2. Michal VS Lucia

    Fotky a videa z cest

    mozeme aj to ako si ma tukol:DD
  3. please do not give us a reputation for each post:)

    1. Michal VS Lucia

      Michal VS Lucia

      nediv sa nerobime to pre reputaciu:D

    2. Odion
  4. Michal VS Lucia

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    good work just next
  5. our activity is over:)<_<


    you need strong nerves for that



  6. admin good night don't sleep there:rolleyes:


  7. ahoj kamo prajeme ti pekný den 


    s úctou Michal Lucia :wub:

    1. TomiikCZ Realistic Driver
    2. Michal VS Lucia

      Michal VS Lucia

      ale povest nechceme prec s nou sup: D: D

      nerobíme to  pre reputaciu:)

  8. yesterday I announced 40 players during the event:D

  9. Paris is completely clogged:rolleyes:

  10. The new event looks really nice:)


    sound from the grave:D