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    my favorite game is now an American simulator:):wub:










  2. Michal Slovakia:)))

    TruckersMP 2k19

    I wish all the successful ones in 2019
  3. I am very pleased that turckesmp has added the rules of piracy:);)

  4. Michal Slovakia:)))

    TruckersMP holidays

    Merry Christmas

    great delivery of gifts has begun:wub::wub:00000000003D22FD.jpg

  6. in such a short time to solve problems with servers?:wub::)


    that's a great thank you:):tmp:


    A special Christmas gift is on the way:wub::)


  8. Michal Slovakia:)))

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    I've been stuck once on the freeway
  9. Michal Slovakia:)))

    Measuring the weight of the trailer comes in 2019?

    they could weigh the trucks at border crossings
  10. Michal Slovakia:)))

    Donator Tags

    yes it is a very good idea i like it
  11. thank you very much for your help:wub::)


    Dominik (iFlufy)

  12. Michal Slovakia:)))

    Turn "Truckersmp" into a payed service

    truckersMp I have no right to charge servers that are not the owner of the game