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  1. Just be patient im sure we will have a update soon to use all the new fun toys we all want to use
  2. Patients is key cause along with these bug fixes you guys are doing for MP comes Great update of things ported and working as they should be
  3. Thank you for your answere and i know more patience will be required as we have another ETS2 expansion coming out soon as its only around the corner with in a week before its release so i understand will be waiting for a good amount of time now so just work on what you can huys and no Rush
  4. Means waiting longer for ATS update
  5. I agree with Redhorse. we have waited about close to a month now and i have noticed from previous experience with your guys updates with ATS and ETS2. But if you guys could take a look into how many more People have played ATS maybe a update for ATS should be pushed out instead of waiting on ETS2 cause your numbers have dropped and it don't seem to good for you guys in my opinion
  6. i can expect next mp update be after beyond the Baltic sea release
  7. Party systen 50% good idea but to sync your loads you would be better off doing the world of trucks contract loads to go to same place and same loads. yes there once a long time ago was a project that was sort of like this that worked but thats bin outdated since long time ago and if there was to be Some sort of load heading to same place that would require someone to code for the game and not only that but add another cargo system into the game witch in that case could take several months of testing and bug fixing and not many people are willing to wait that long but its good to see some people want this again but who knows if it will ever come again just sit tight and hold on to your seat though cause the roads full of bumps.
  8. no point in downgrading my ats honestly cause if i downgrade it i cant do the Christmas event so its a complete bust to downgrade
  9. i can only imagin how many people gonna try taking special transport trailers right now xD
  10. Yes i had uninstalled and reinstalled it a long time ago
  11. only issue im having is i can launch game fine. it reads my mouse then truckers MP i launch and its not reading my mouse now
  12. my in game mouse dont work after updating truckers mp for ETS 2

    1. DSL/31 - ReaperOfDeath

      DSL/31 - ReaperOfDeath

      theres nothing wrong my mouse use to always work but SP doesnt read my mouse now

    2. DSL/31 - ReaperOfDeath

      DSL/31 - ReaperOfDeath

      Fixed it all i did was restart my computer

  13. Help?[Fixed] Remember to check your Antivirus for it blocking anything
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