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  1. Happy Birthda tooo youuu i wish you the best :) 

  2. is the new truck in truckers MP yet for ATS?

    1. MaverickTD


      Yep, released a good few hours ago.

  3. @Digital i am curious to know how long does testing take?
  4. @Digital hey i know 1.38 is in testing but Promods released 2.50 so you guys may need to check on that as well
  5. wirling my thumbs well waiting for any new info for TMP update


    1. [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      I think were all waiitng lol.  Can't wait to go on truckersmp with 1.38 and promods.

  6. I am expecting 1.39 to be announced by scs soon for open beta
  7. To answer you question of adding buses. the Developers are not even talking about adding buses the reason for that is it will come down to this is a truck simulation game and that Buses wont be added but if you have bus Simulator or Farm simulator or even ETS2 or ATS throw me a msg and ill add you on steam

  8. The answer to your recent question is no. They stated this already. Its there permanently

  9. is there a plan for Different Pilot vehicle like if you have a convoy and its a heavy haul why not use like a pilot pickup truck like they do for oversize loads?
  10. i seen your post id say the answere was a little harsh. maybe they had a bad day idk but hey a simple answere as "a rule was broken and it violates terms of use" done not a hole paragraph

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