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  1. Actually i said it doesn't make sense to add collisions to the arcade server because it will be basically the old #EU2 server with a different name. And people will migrate to that server, and the situation will be exactly as it was before the speed limit. So yeah to me that doesn't make sense to suggest to the TMP admins since it's a situation they're trying to avoid. Believe it or not, i actually sympathise with you and i don't think it's fair for you not being able to enjoy the game. At the same time, the game's reached a point where i can't enjoy it. Anyway the only suggestion that made sense to me, is when someone said to lift the speed limit in all DLC zones and keep it as it is in vanilla game. But i doubt that's going to happen and that's why i'm whining.
  2. Didn't mean to offend you. I was just hoping that when somebody tells you something that doesn't make sense, there would be no support to it. Like suggesting to the TMP admins to add collisions in the arcade server.
  3. Sigh...Comparing an actual overtake with trolling is your problem. Because all three examples are trolling and proper overtaking has nothing to do with them. But that's the problem with this forum, you all assume that, just because we like to drive faster than you, we're trolls. You think that anyone who speeds will drive like a maniac and will cause accidents every 100 meters. Just because an idiot overtook you, while there were 10 incoming trucks from the other side, and you all ended up crashing that doesn't mean that anyone requesting the lift of the speed limit will act like that. You do understand what no collisions mean, right? It means no collisions in the entire map. What's there to report? A ghost truck passing through you? Or someone violating a red light? I think the fine that you get in game is enough to punish this behavior. Do you understand that if they activate collisions, suddenly there will be incoming reports from this server because the server will be full and accidents will happen all the time? That will greatly increase the workload on the arcade server, and as a result the simulation server will be empty again as it was all this time. I'm tired of trying to explain this to you. If you can't understand why they deactivated collisions in the arcade servers feel free to ask a game manager. Plus I don't see how that contradicts my argument. You simply fail to get it. And someone even upvoted your answer...sigh There are no changes that can be made that will please those who want a simulation and those who want to drive without the game limiting their speed etc...The speed limit is the only change they can make to enforce an environment closer to simulation. Because in the end of the day, they can either remove the speed limit or enable collisions in the arcade server. And i told you above why that won't happen. Because most of the players would rather play in a server with no limitations. That's a fact. Actually, it's you who can't understand the difference between criticism and demand. If i judge a decision that affected my gameplay, that's criticism. In my posts, i never demanded to remove the speed limit. I said multiple times that it ruined my gaming experience. I said that a lot of players disprove it, but i never demanded to lift the speed limit. You fail to understand anything i'm saying. You talk for the sake of talking. In conclusion, i didn't come here to argue with you. I'm convinced that there's no chance that you or anyone with your opinion will ever see from my perspective. There are people that can look both ways but you don't belong in that group. So please let me whine to the game managers in peace. And if you have anything else to say, re-read my posts and i guarantee you my answer will be there.
  4. "Our drivers". It's your words but whatever. Overtaking is not the biggest problem on the C-D road which you would have known if you've ever been there. Let me list you some of the problems that the C-D road has and the speed limit hasn't fixed and won't. Trolls overtake from grass They somehow make their trucks going through other trucks and drive within huge traffic lines. Imagine the mess it creates. Players overtake huge traffic lines and cause more traffic cause they end up blocking someone from the other side. During overtakes, some players decide to ram/block the overtaking truck. Also keep in mind that this rule you keep bringing up about overtaking is not absolute. You can overtake anyone you want as long as there are not 25+ players in your area. Somehow people think that overtaking is banned in country roads at all times. While the rule clearly states that overtaking is forbidden in areas with 25+ players. But It's meaningless to argue about the problems of the C-D road with players that hardly ever been there. If you can't understand why the admins will not enable collisions to the arcade servers, i'm even starting to doubt that i'm talking with an adult. Let me explain that to you: If the admins would enable collisions to the arcade servers, most of the players would transfer there. That means that there would be incoming reports in the same frequency as #EU2 before the speed limit. That would require the admins to pay attention to the arcade servers and thus their whole "Moving closer to simulation environment" would be a complete disaster. Also you would whine about how there are no players in the simulation servers thus you'd transfer to the arcade server aswell. And there you have it, the arcade server would be the new #EU2. So, i don't care if you're rude or an asshole but your suggestions/constructive complaints are useless and irrelevant otherwise they would have brought people in the simulation servers years ago. And that's the reason why i didn't bother replying on them Ok first of all, the minute you get something to the public (game,mod or w/e) you're open to critisism. If you can't handle critisism then i'm afraid you're the special snowflake you keep talking about. Secondly the word "demand" is in your imagination. Nobody demanded anything. Whining is all within the presence of this forum. If you can't take it when it comes to your work, then you really shouldn't post any mods either way. Because like i formentioned in my first post, my gaming experience was ruined and the game managers should know about it. They should know how a big chunk of their community feels like with the changes they made. And before you say more stuff about how modders should not take on the whining and the demands of their community, you should learn that I am a senior coder for a big mod in Hearts Of Iron IV. I know what it means to work on something for free but unlike you, i can take critisism. And mods are nothing more but their communities. In conclusion, your whole "I'll just come to your posts and bitch out entitled demands" attitude is meaningless. Like i said nobody is demanding anything, that's just your imagination. You have nothing constructive to say, you think that everyone who wants to lift the speed limit is a troll and you clearly have no clue how to solve any issue regarding the game. So please keep driving the way you drive inside the game, so i can overtake you and get my daily dose of fun. One of the things you said in your posts is true though. This mod belongs to the TMP admins and they have the power to change the server rules. But they won't because like i said the enforcement of the speed limit has reduced their workload by a ton i would imagine. So here i am whining about the speed limit. Edit: In no way i mean to show disrespect to the TMP game managers and their efforts about this mod. They probably maintain the servers with their own money and for that i highly respect them.
  5. Sigh. Comparing real-life with ETS2 is pathetic. Also assuming that i'm from Eastern Europe is funny. C-D road has plenty of solid overtake spots. As long as you have a powerful truck and a light cargo, you can make fast and safe overtakes. I'm pretty sure this forum exists so people can express their thoughts and concerns on the game. I'm fairly certain you did the same the past years when there was no speed limit. But yes i want everyone to cater to my wishes like your 10-year old kid used to do. Or I should have been here 2 years ago and tell you that the admins do not owe you anything especially since you're using their mod for free and you should probably shut the fuck up and be grateful that you even have a multiplayer-mod in the first place instead of complaining about the lack of a speed limit.
  6. There are some valid points in every complaint in this forum. Before the speed limit, the situation on the C-D road was a mess and the admins had to do something to fix it. People didn't get in here telling you to suck it up and that's how the C-D road is and if you don't like it you should play another game. When you're telling people that there's an arcade server for them to speed, you sound like a 10-year old. One year ago there was a simulation server and it was dead empty. Why was it empty if so many people preferred the simulation? So please get off your high horse stop acting like every one who likes to speed is a troll and realise that you're a part of a community. Out of the 4000 players i would argue that 90% was driving to the maximum speed of their abilities whether they drive on C-D road or the highway. The fact that driving 150+km/h on C-D is wrong does not make the decision to issue a speed limit right. If you don't understand this then you don't just sound like a 10year-old but you think like one aswell. And if the C-D road was the problem, decisions should be made to affect only that road and not the entire map. PS: In case you're interested in my ban history i have 6 bans in total, 4 on 2017 and 2 on 2018. The last one expired in 29 Sep of 2018. Most of these are bad overtaking calls and i could argue that i'd do it again. Overtaking is the bread and butter of this game. If you don't do it, you miss half the fun. These bans taught me the difference between a good and a bad overtake and how to implement a fast and safe overtake. And that's the reason why for the past year i haven't been banned. Also it would be quite an achievement If you had a ban history while driving at 90 km/h.
  7. To use your own words: It sounds like you might have a more enjoyable time playing ETS2 on SinglePlayer because obviously you can't tolerate people's mistakes. And if someone is breaking the rules, you can always record him and file a report. You could still play like a simulation and drive in England or Scandinavia or Poland where there are not many players to cause problems. But you see, i can't drive in Scandinavia or England or Poland because i don't have the time or the patience to drive that far going at 110 km/h because the game limits me. So the game forces me out the door because it gets boring. I like driving my truck (Yes not a car, don't get confuse i don't wanna play GTA or forza) fast in the highway and test my limits. But ever since they implemented the first speed limit i never did that again. How many times did you decide to not play the game because of trolls? Let me answer that for you: NONE. But you see there were plenty of times that i wanted to go in Scandinavia, only to regret it a second later because it would take more than 1 hour to go and return and i didn't have the time or the patience to do so. Why? Because of the speed limit. In Conclusion my friend, my gaming experience was ruined. Your gaming experience got better. But the game never limited your actions even before the speed limit. The most you did was to avoid the C-D road! BIG DEAL. I had to avoid the entire map except the C-D road because it's the only place i can feel that i'm playing with other people. And Most of the community certainly doesn't want the speed limit. Don't get confuse though because these forums don't represent the community. I base that on the fact that most players on the server are driving on the C-D road thus they don't seem to mind all these bad attitudes that i keep hearing about. Plus all people in this forum claim to avoid the C-D road like the plague. Plus the simulation server was always empty. So you do the math. The C-D road was probably the last enjoyable place in this game. Multiplayer is about interaction and tolerance. The loudest people in here are the ones who can't enjoy anything if they don't get it their way. I still remember the first day they implemented the 150 km/h limit. There was an update and the limit was lifted for a day. People thought at that point that they lifted the limit because there were players complaining. I still remember one player saying that they lifted the speed limit "because of the crybabies". The only "crybabies" in this forum are those who complain about the C-D road for years now. And the one time people expressed their concerns about the speed limit, they immediately became "crybabies". I didn't come to this mod to drive with robots going 90 km/h and play in an environment resembling the Single Player.The speed limit never solved the trolling problem. It reduced accidents, but accidents are the reason i'm playing multiplayer and not singleplayer because i want to feel that the world is alive. TMP admins said last year that the speed limit was a test. It's true, they tested it, they realised that it reduced accidents thus making their job easier so why not make the speed limit even stricter. It will make their jobs even easier. Thanks for ruining my game. PS: C-D Road is still a mess. No speed limit will fix that. The difference now is that crashes happen because people wanna overtake but can't
  8. Hi, Is there anyway to remove winter mod physics?
  9. Dear @Soul Knight My issue has been solved.
  10. Ah, i see. I didn't know that. Thank you very much
  11. Lately, i've had an issue with cc. If i'm in cc mode and accelerate, even though the cc deactivates the retarder stays activated. Sometimes i drive in the highway with cc and if i accelerate the retarder stays on (Although the lever is on highest position) and if i let the gas pedal the truck ends up hard braking so 9/10 times i end up crashing especially if i'm turning. That doesn't happen if i brake during cc. Is there anyway to fix that issue?
  12. What should i do to stop getting kicked? I've created the mod folder in Documents/ETS2MP and pasted all 3 files inside. But whenever i join the server i'm instantly getting kicked.
  13. Yeah that helps extremely. Thank you very much
  14. Hi, is there a way to modify the engine and brakes in scout cars ( Or just the brakes) ? They accelerate really fast and their brakes are totally useless
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