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  1. Game dosyası

    Notepad veya farklı bir metin editörüyle açtığında sorun düzeliyorsa. Notepad++'ın ayarlarında sıkıntı var. Uygulamayı sil %APPDATA%'daki config dosyalarını da sil tekrar kur.
  2. TMP Staff In-Game Tag

    I think the idea is good but the implementation is bad. Admins have red color. Assign another color for an example blue for all other staff members who doesn't have admin priviledge. And either don't give them "Social Media Team" tag, or just give them "SMT", "T" (translator) such abbreviations for tag. Personally I would give no tag at all. Same for admins, red color is enough. They don't need "Game moderator" tag. It's just too long. Also it's redundant information. Does it matter if people knows that he is game mod or game manager or project manager? I don't think so. But that's my personal opinion.
  3. Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Sto lat
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  5. Chat improvment

    +1 it would be nice to have your in game ID bold or colored in the chat.
  6. Can I Stop The CB Radio Sound

    yes. Type /channel 0 on chat
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  9. Have you ever done a truck ride in real life?

    Driving 500kms every day. Carrying laundry to about 8 hotels.
  10. Which DLC do you recommend?

    You already have it. It's definitely Scandinavia DLC. Other dlcs won't appeal that much compared to Scandinavia
  11. TL;DR TruckersMP is good. In my opinion to make it more realistic it just needs minor changes about how the bans are being issued. As I explained below; some situations are punished unfairly. I will give few examples where admin could ban wrong person: - Reversing and maneuvering to get out of parking spot on crowded gas stations. (A troll player can easily go behind a reversing truck and block him, and spam his horn while typing on chat rec 511 ) - Speeding while being overtaken (prohibited in real life) (I doubt if an admin would actually ban the guy speeding on right lane but they would ban the overtaker for sure) - Making convoy but leaving no gap to be overtaken by traffic (prohibited in real life) (and again I doubt if an admin would ban the guy being overtaken for tailgating his convoy buddy but most probably overtaker will get banned which is not realistic at all) - You have to change your lane because 500 meters later you need to take the exit. You check your mirror and it is fine. You are in middle of 2 lanes and guy comes and rams you from back because he was doing 150km/h and blames you - You are getting out of gas station, you check your mirror road is clear and guy comes and rams you with 100km/h - You are on T junction. You have to give way. You look left clear, you look right clear, you move and you got rammed by speeder And in real life 1 vehicle can be found 100% guilty while the other vehicle has no guilt, that's alright but in most accidents officers find both vehicles guilty with different proportions of fault being shared. If you come up with a situation where both drivers are equally guilty then either ban both or don't ban at all But in most cases in truckersMP there is always 1 guy who is guilty while the rest are 100% innocent. Which makes it unrealistic. Considering truckersMP is run by volunteers, for most players ets 2 is just a game not a simulation game. Expecting such high level of realism would be too much. Admins are chosen from the community, they don't fall from sky. You won't have an admin who is veteran driver in real life, because he has kids, job and no time for game. To sum up, TruckersMP is fairly decent. My expectations are high
  12. Oradaki karakterler ascii karakter Küçük ı harfini, ğ harfini falan yapamazsın çünkü onlar ascii değil.
  13. Thanks for follow :)

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  14. Categorical ban for Skoda's on Duisburg - Calais road

    Skoda car doesn't have car physics that's a fail. However if people are allowed to buy them and use them. People will use them as there are people who like it. It makes no sense to prohibit the use of a vehicle that is allowed on multiplayer on certain roads with reasons like useless traffic. If traffic would be useless now I would be playing single player. It is useful
  15. Multi-coloured tags (in game)

    -1. Childish. We already have enough christmas trees on the road, who drives with 10 high beams turned on. No need to give them rainbow colors as well.