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  1. TruckersMP.... You want that everyone play the game like it should be : in simulation and you have totally right ! Just ignore those who want an Arcade server without collisions. Admins will do their work on Simulation server. To force those racers to play at 110km/h is the best choice. Thank's a lot for this awesome update, and please don't change anything.
  2. Google Chrome say to me it can have a virus, nothing after scan with Windows Defender, perfectly work (in mp) so a very nice job, thank's for it.
  3. Oh thank's for this awesome idea
  4. hi, can you accept my friend request ? i search the text in game.sii file for having a liscence plate with a flag like the left plate on your truck : if you can send it plz :D


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    2. Yasteni


      yes, i have the flag dlc, thanks i will test can you say me where you learn that ? have you got a forum or something like that ? because i know save edit and i want to learn all text about that. thanks a lot

    3. Męętαş


      Through trial and error. He did the same with the change in the license plate.

    4. Yasteni


      okey, thanks to having accept my freind request :D have fun

  5. hi i try to delete the |france but when i relaunch my save it don't work and i havnt any lisence plate (i learn to have this lisence plate : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131726173 ) and i want to don't have country in the side of the plate thanks for help if u know :3
  6. I need to version 1.26.3s for play on multi, but i can't lanch ets and he don't propose ton uptade the game....I need help plz
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