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  1. Ay Mazing

    Why is there no USA server for ATS?

    We have been without an ATS server that is USA based for awhile now. I'm curious as to why when the ETS2 server hasn't been affected. Will we ever have a USA server back for ATS?
  2. Ay Mazing

    Can't turn off CB/Change Channels

    Mod Version: Controller: Thrustmaster T150 Description: Unable to change CB channel or turn it off by clicking on the dials. Only way is by the tab menu to change channels, then log out and back in. Was driving a W900. T680, 389, 567 have not been checked by myself.
  3. Random events are great. Been driving up a storm lately. I still haven't seen all of them and the best part is they can keep adding new ones. I can't see these being on MP when 1.29 gets released and TruckersMP gets updated, just like there is no AI traffic. Granted ATS is not nearly as popular as ETS2 with drivers though random events could cause sheer chaos. Can someone confirm if Random Events will be enabled in TruckersMP?
  4. Ay Mazing

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 1
  5. Ay Mazing

    Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    sneaks in and splats a 2 on the wall
  6. Ay Mazing

    Mods don't show up

    There are no sound, truck, or add on parts allowed other than what is in the default game. DLC packs from Steam Store do work. Check here for mods that do work in multiplayer:
  7. Ay Mazing

    Speed limiter is ever activated

    USA servers are fixed. No more speed limiters are in place.
  8. Ay Mazing

    Auto Updater Released

    It's not that. Already have that installed on my computer. Launcher along with steam update seems to be the issue. No one at all in the USA servers for ATS.
  9. Ay Mazing

    Auto Updater Released

    Getting fatal crashes on As soon as I click on drive, boom...closes to desktop. Updated ATS through steam also.