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  1. Admin please close the thread. I guess my wheel has hardware problems. Btw I already change my wheel this day. I bought a new g29 though it hurts on my pocket. Lol
  2. Will take a look on the video tomorrow after i got home from work. Its evening here and now im going to work for now.. lol. Need to render overtime so I will have enough money to spend in case I will change a new wheel. Btw guys the wheel im using was a used one when i bought it so it may be a cause why it broke apart? And its almost a year to me. Before the issues were when im steering in sometimes all the buttons are pressed simultaneously. But now out of nowhere all the buttons are not working..
  3. @Gromm99 yeah i chose g29 + keyboard on controller settings @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang the videos didnt help xD. Maybe my wheel has a hardware failure.. guess i need to change it to a new one, but it it will hurt my pocket because its quite expensive. Lol. I'll spend money for a new one now rather than buy a used one..
  4. Yup tried installing the latest drivers. @Gromm99 i tried assigning buttons ingame but when i press a button no buttons is detected or it does not work by the way even on joy.cpl on the calibration buttons are not detected even why i pressed them.
  5. Hi i just wanna ask the problem about my wheel. Logitech g29. The wheel is detected but the buttons does not work. The steering works fine. The only problem is the buttons are not working. Any possible fix for this thing? Hoping there is. If none therefore im going to buy a new one. Lol. Btw i bought it used already. Almost 1yr to me.
  6. thank you for this update now I can update my ets2 on steam
  7. anyone one asia 1?

  8. I cant connect. yesterday it was fine but now.. try to connect for 30 minutes still failed..

    1. VanillaDonut


      Did you try quitting the game and then relaunching it?

  9. looking for active vtc which is operating on EU#2

    1. InterContinental Express™

      InterContinental Express™

      ICE Global recently shifted 75% of operations to NSL server. But not yet ready for increasing the man power. Please stay tuned for further updates.

    2. [TPH] Neil

      [TPH] Neil

      i see that ICE Global is not recruiting man power for the mean time as I saw it on companies forums

  10. ok cool thanks hope posts there are in english cause i don't understand indonesian language
  11. anyone from asia? specially Filipinos playing ets2mp too I'm quite bored working alone, need to find someone to work with. xD add me on steam[sT] neil
  12. i dont know how it will react with a czech paint job, or may single color as far as i know with the high power cargo dlc, u will see their trailer as empty.
  13. im still waiting for update on my sony xperia z1 compact
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