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  1. Going out now to celebrate New Years, Dont worry, No Shroom driving tonight!:lol:

  2. I will explain why I drove on wrong side of road. I was exploring the map to 100%, it was very brief. I wasn't crashed into anyone. I have my map explored 100% now so in the future I will not drive on the wrong side of road anymore.

  3. Shroominkid Released

    yes I updated with a new reply on running as admin, worked fine afterwards!
  4. Shroominkid

    Error con TruckersMP

    Ha intentado desinstalar y reinstalar la aplicación y asegurarse de que está en el lanzador y no desde https://truckersmp.com/download El sitio web no se actualiza a la versión actual, pero debería poder descargarlo, ejecutarlo e instalar la versión más actual a través del cliente antiguo.
  5. Shroominkid Released

    TruckersMP update FIX for windows 10: Simply right click and run the launcher as Administrator, problem solved.
  6. When will this update come out on TruckersMP website -.-

    1. SgtBreadStick


      what update on website?

    2. Shroominkid


      The launcher update I fixed the issue with launcher, right clicking and running as admin. 

  7. Shroominkid

    update error

    Tried this for ATS, I already had that option selected and nothing will download as an update for ATS, When will the update be released on the website? been waiting nearly 10 hours for an updated rar file.
  8. Shroominkid Released

    Still not updated on website, when will this update be added for download? been waiting over 10 hours for it now was hoping it would be out when I wake up but its not :/
  9. Shroominkid Released

    This is what pops up for me, I click Cancel, brings me to TruckersMP download page where it isnt up to date yet :/ I need sleep anyways, Maybe santa will update the website for me in the morning
  10. Shroominkid Released

    soooooo when can I download it? Edit: https://truckersmp.com/download isnt up to date
  11. Convoy, Meet Sacramento garage. Ill be here waiting. Leggo! American Server leaving in 10 minutes

  12. Shroominkid


    Using plays.tv seems to work better than anything ive used, I use to use plays.tv for battlefield clips just forgot baout the program thanks guys fraps was such a hog!
  13. Shroominkid


    What do you guys use to record your drive? Im using OBS right now but sadly it records in what seems like 140p. It doesnt lag my game at all. I went from fraps to OBS because fraps is an absolute hog on my PC and drops my frames to 15-25 FPS. with OBS I target at 40 and it stays in that area. So what do you guys use? Dont mention your Shadowplay either
  14. Gifts delivered, convoy started. Heading to Stockton now load of Diesel.

  15. Whoever was that troll driving in the wrong lane on a two lane road on the northern nevada roads, hope you get what's coming to you. Lucky I wasnt recording you running players off the road. Bright green flame truck, day cab. Watch out.