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  1. Total EDM

    ETS2 lock very often

    Dear @CityLookSweden' You can find newest drivers for you " Wheel G27 " at this links https://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g27-racing-wheel/downloads Reply back if still not working. Regards Total EDM
  2. I do try to avoid C-D road coz alot of players
  3. Total EDM

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Not really, The 3 first bans are up Game Moderator and 1m , 3m , Than permanent. It's enough. You can always make Suggestion or contact upper staff if it should be longer.
  4. Total EDM

    Steam Virus - Warning

    I got no message like this, However Make sure you click on the ignore buttom when chat open than you wont get any message from same person agian. Also make sure you scan you pc's after virus.
  5. Total EDM

    What is the best truck brand?

    The strongest truck is both Scania and Volvo!
  6. Goood Night anyone :)

    Se ya tomorrow :)

  7. Total EDM

    Can't run the ETS2 with the OpenGL

    Dear @RatchetX I might have find solution for your issue. You might have outdated graphiccard driver that need update. Download this driver for your graphic card https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/112594 Or Use their program https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/ Regards Total EDM
  8. Total EDM

    Load my game status on Steam

    Dear @roberto396g You can only use one account with is connected to your TMP account. There is chance that you can lose anything like you did now. Therefore only use one account that is connected to your TMP account I hope answer your question! Regards Total EDM
  9. Total EDM

    Can't open launcher

    Dear @xmaksuu Please try turn off your pc and unplugg power cable and wait 30 sec. ( This is for delete your pc's cache ) Check after running ets2 in tab manager or Delete all TMP and Download fresh installer from https://truckersmp.com/download ( Run as Admin ) Regards Total EDM
  10. Total EDM

    averange ping

    Dear @ciccitti If you still encounter problem with ping issues or connection issues. Than you check out this topic. Regards Total EDM
  11. Total EDM

    I can not get in the game

    Hi, You can find more info here how to fix your issue! Regards Total EDM
  12. No, Since Ban can explain your behavior and Members that want to join in our team needs professional / good behavior!
  13. I agree! Ban can change the behavior and our team need professional members and good behavior.
  14. Total EDM


    Hi there, You may have break the report rule and your access is suspended. However you should be able to contact upper staff, Can you please log out and login agian ? Or try other webbrowser ? Regards Total EDM