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  1. Total EDM

    How can i get the Winter mod?

    Hi there As example you can find winter mod here but only for Single Player :> https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/ets2-others/frosty-winter-weather-mod-v6-6-1-31-x/ Regards Total EDM
  2. Total EDM

    Connection error

    Hi, Please turn off your Router & pc and remove power cable & wait 30 sec and try agian. Or try this Regards Total EDM
  3. Total EDM

    Restriction of Local save editing

    Thanks kap!
  4. Congratz Frosty!! :)

    1. Frosty.


      Thank you! :D

  5. Thanks for follow :)

    1. [RG] London

      [RG] London

      You're Welcome :tmp:

  6. Total EDM

    Big Problem

    Hi, Have you tried to upgrade your graphic card's driver ? Kind Regards Total EDM
  7. Total EDM

    Connection error!

    Hello! Can you please try this. Kind Regards Total EDM
  8. Congrats and Good luck :)

  9. Total EDM


    Hi., You dont need worry. It does not count ban. However the ban was mistake by @banbymistake Kind Regards Total EDM
  10. Today's to do ... it's better to chance the Brake pads before there nothing left :ph34r:




    1. [23]ThunderSky


      It's like my GTA Sa CD.. :lol: