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  1. Finally ProMods. Infinity fun of playing can start! Btw. @Jokka83 @Busman2003 Did you downloaded def file? It is needed to be downloaded separately on the first step of downloading. I forgot on it and got error "One or more required files of the ProMods map modification could not be in your "Euro Truck Simulator 2\mods" folder. Do you need help with settings this up?".
  2. http://blog.scssoft.com/2018/11/volvo-vnl-coming-to-american-truck.html
  3. New update for ATS with Volvo VNL! Actual version isn´t compatible so you must change game version.
  4. @Qu4rtor @Drawen @Kappirano That was only my answer on @MouadGems question, not my question, but nevermind
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