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  1. Guys... I think you have all forgotten what rights really mean. IF the speed limiter is ON, players get ONLY ONE OPTION, which is driving at 90 km/h. IF the speed limiter is OFF, players get TWO OPTIONS, which are driving at 90 km/h or more than that. Based on rights... Guess which one of those two gives the players more freedom? The second one. And I'm not talking about rammers and all that, they should get a permanent ban so we don't have to worry about them anymore. But... Don't you guys think the best option is the one in which the players get more options to chose from? Speed lim
  2. Even though I hate trollers and rammers I consider the speed limit a completely unnecessary tool. Today I could cruise at 110 km/h no problem and had the best time of my life in the Server, didn't encounter any trollers/rammers. If the Admins decide to put it back (which is already a thing apparently) I would suggest to put the limit on 120 km/h or even 100 km/h, the game is much more dynamic when you travel at those speeds. Whatever the stuff decides will be fine, I'm just speaking my mind out here. I wouldn't put the speed limit back, but if I had to, it would be limited to 120 km/h, not 90
  3. Amazing! Let's hope this time it'll work a little bit better
  4. Hello everybody, Firstly, I want to thank the team behind ETS2MP for bringing this update so quick, it's incredible we can enjoy the multiplayer in the 1.16 update this soon. However, my game lags way more now than before. I don't know if this problem is coming from my computer, due to the 1.16 update, or if it's coming from the ETS2MP release. Either way, my frame rate drops way more now and my average fps are below 30 all the time, when they were above 30 before. Does somebody know why is this happening? I keep my graphic settings in low all the time so I can get the best performance, I
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