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  1. Hopefully no more of my status updates will be removed :)

  2. Galeavia


    Surely someone with more than 5 bans must have known about this. Can not even see the older history of bans. LOL
  3. Well, that's not a graphics card, it's your CPU. You are not even suppose to be gaming with that my friend. I strongly suggest not to overclock your CPU, as it's not a gaming laptop, the cooling can not handle it. Even if it would survive overclocking, you wouldn't see any noticeable FPS difference.
  4. Haklı gibi niye kornaya bastığını anlamadım
  5. So, I caught The Flash in ETS2 MP :D:D 



  6. it doesn't make sense to keep the voice volume on. Trolls will be trolls in every game.
  7. Had a silly accident the other day :D 



    1. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      cos its a scania


      it has no stability 

    2. Mirrland
    3. Galeavia


      Hehe, plus I was using 4x2 chassis just for the aesthetics :D 

  8. When you find that old video record and got a player banned for something he did more than 1 month ago...



  9. So here is my single monitor setup My only regret is getting a full tower case... It's pain in butt to carry when you need to move or clean it. Here are the specs if you are wondering; • Cooler Master HAF X Case • Asus Maximus VI Hero • i7-4770k @ 4.5 Ghz • Corsair H70 Liquid Cooler • GTX780 Ti Windforce • 16GB 2400mhz Kingston HyperX Beast Ram • Kingston Hyperx 3k SSD • Zalman ZM-MFC3 Fan Controller • XL2430T 24" BenQ 144hz 1ms • Asus GX860 Buzzard Mouse • Asus strix tactic pro Keyboard • Logitech G27 Wheel • Creative Sound Blaster Z • Philips A5 PRO Headphones • Behringer B-2 PRO Condenser Microphone • Creative Megaworks THX 550 5.1 Speakers
  10. Buna benzer bir raporum olmuştu, adam hareketsiz durduğu için başka sebepler olabileceğinden dolayı ban atmıyorlar, ancak kicklenebilecek bir durum olduğunu yazıyorlar. O yüzden artık bu gibi durumları boşuna raporlamıyorum. Hem senin hem bakan Adminlerin zamanına yazık. Adamın orada durmuş olması hatalı olabilir ama yol bomboş, sanki sırf report açmak için kaçabilmek yerine gidip üzerine vurmuşsun gibi geldi. Ayrıca sürekli Admin kararlarını eleştiren konular açtığını fark ettim, bunun kimseye faydası olmaz. Bu sebepten ötürü uyarı yiyebilirsin, dikkatli ol derim. Benimde decline edilen birçok reportum oluyor, kimisi bazen çok rahatsız ediyor yolda, sırf o yüzden reportluyorum ama daha sonra videoya bakıyorum, aslında banlanacak bir durum yok...
  11. When the guy 2 meters behind you keeps hitting your trailer at every brake on DC road, and still doesn't keep a safe distance...



    1. _Pingu_


      just pull over let him overtake then at the next corner 


    2. Mirko9


      And when he make fast save game on road to just ram me :( 

  12. When an Admin finally comes to unlock that 30 minutes traffic jam...



  13. When you manage to finish Duisburg-Calais road with %0 damage at peak hours in eu2...



    1. Dobrota93


      never happened to me lol

    2. Galeavia


      This was my reaction the other day, however 3 of my friends that was with me got destroyed half way before reaching the highway connection from Brussel. :D I was the lucky one...

  14. You can try to remove the config.cfg file in the ETS2 folder in Documents. If you haven't tried that, it may fix your problem.
  15. Before I suggest anything, did you try to fix it anyhow, if so can you tell me what have you tried ?
  16. I like letting a random trucker drive in the front. When a troll wants to Ram someone directly head on, it's usually the guy in the front and not me. Tested this method quite a lot. And my friends usually stay in the backside, so behind is covered as well...
  17. Oyundaki lag, desync ve fps drop gibi olayları çok inceledim. Bu adamın FPS'si berbat gibi görünüyor. Sağından geçmeye çalışmak pek mantıklı değil, ama önüne kırması ban sebebi..
  18. So, I ran into this guy yesterday night :D 



  19. So, we got rammed with my friend side by side :mellow: , check this out.! :D



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    2. CaptainKostaZ


      I love your laugh mate :):)

    3. Galeavia


      hehe, it's not my voice tho, the original is different. if you search " look ad this dude " on youtube you'll see. :D I agree that it's really funny !

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  20. Olan olmuş artık, oyuna girmeden önce kuralları okumamış bile olsanız o kuralların olduğunu kabul etmiş oluyorsunuz. O yüzden yapılacak birşey yok, Aşağıdaki linkten appeal yaparak bana itiraz edebilirsin, haklı bulunursan ban geçmişinden kaldırılır. https://truckersmp.com/appeals
  21. When the troll that rammed you gets a perma...



  22. So, what is this now ?


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Woah :o Could be a lag spike maybe

    2. Galeavia


      I guess so, but he later stopped in front of me with brakes and handbrakes to cause me ram into him further in the road, there was no one in front of him. So it was on purpose and I reported from that.

  23. As they stated above, if you cannot turn off the auto save feature try firing all of your drivers, and selling all the trucks that you don't use. I didn't have auto save problem, but ever time I use Quicksave feature, it would freeze my client about 2 seconds (which is a long time on higher speeds) So, there was no way of using it if there was someone driving behind me. After I fired all the workers and sold unnecessary trucks, the saving time is reduced to 0.2 seconds or similar. Which is acceptable.
  24. So, I made this Parody from the movie Underground (Untergang). I was laughing the whole time in the making. It took me about 3 hours to finish. Shared it earlier but no one has noticed because of schwarzmüller hype Hope you will have some laughs. Subtitles turned out bigger than expected, sorry for that. Enjoy!


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