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  1. Glad the team worked hard during these hot days. Thank you for the update.
  2. Whoa. Those are some great news!
  3. This actually a great suggestion. Being able to get "Connection Established!" in non-collision zones would fix a lot of issues these days definitely.
  4. There we go. Thanks a lot <3
  5. Very innovative. Thank you for sharing this with us, good work (Y)
  6. I'm sure if new players are interested in game and are not some trolls, that they'll head on forums and check our guides section. It's there for a reason and + they can learn even more about TruckersMP, right, eh.
  7. Entered. Thank you for giving us a chance to win something
  8. lol u crazy, good job on those "happy bday" statuses

    1. Lewis2212


      Thanks :D - Crazy is good! :P

  9. Why do I have a feeling this has been suggested before but ignored? I support the suggestion totally. We need more restrictions on new players but... I think the management doesn't want that as we would then loose the playerbase.
  10. Hey man. I have just translated your program to Ex-Yu countries (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin). It would be nice if you implemented it. Thanks.



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    2. Mirrland


      Hey @Converse, I didn't create Virtual Speditor, I simply made the guide. However, I'll try and send the developer the translations. 

  11. I gave you rep but... you do realise everyone knows how to go AROUND C-D road but... they simply don't want to? lol
  12. It actually works, although it says you need to continue in offline mode, lolwat
  13. Such shame I can't attend as it's 5pm my time. Looking forward to see that lag on upcoming youtube videos tho'!
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