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  1. DragonsWars

    We want VR!

    That not fair for ProMods you did added it up nice but WE want be VR users experience trucks on the road, you need add server for VR with truck limit speed and no collisions there more fun and experience... We understand you won't work on VR.
  2. I found out now there no more game crash use without VTMLive. I was tried play ATS with VTMLive game crash about 20 times I was wonder try without VTMLive I play ATS no game crash YAY!
  3. I noticed single game there and TruckersMP website there
  4. Wait a min TruckersMP say ATS and why stream ATS Maybe game crash?
  5. Why game crash?? I did everything download new TruckersMP correct files. Happening I was play truck on TruckersMP about 20 to 30 sec game crash what going on?
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