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  1. Suggestion Name: Area 51 convoy to 'storm it' on Sept 20 Suggestion Description: Truckers MP to create a convoy to drive to Area 51, at Rachel Nevada, US, at 3am Nevada time the morning of September 20th. Any example images: https://imgur.com/NAkEUi3 https://imgur.com/DaldWxC Why should it be added?: There is a Storm Area 51 meme on Facebook and other social media, where people are actually claiming they will physically go there at this time. Not a great idea IRL, but fine online. Would be popular for US as well as other players and good visibility for TruckersMP in the US.
  2. I've never done one of these. How does the convoy team communicate to the drivers - chat? CB?
  3. That's good - I may actually try MP again if those pop-up reports actually work. I got rammed every time I went in it seemed, and I thought I had to do a complete report every time, since online comments in here said the pop-up wasn't effective. Too much work I thought.
  4. Do you mean report via the onscreen pop-up? This sounds great, makes the process much simpler for a user, as they don't need to do their own capture or separate form.
  5. I'm not at home now, so can't check details, but I suspect was a Twitch streamer that had a few mods on his screen. This may have been one. I'll try to track it down.
  6. I have the DLC -High Power Cargo pack - is that what you mean? Because those aren't any heavier than the original cargos. If you mean another mod that works for MP let me know, as the mods linked to in this article don't seem to work anymore in MP. I get the error Game Change Detected, and lose the cargo and get relocated to a safe place = my garage.
  7. I'm new to MP, but saw a reference somewhere about Heavy Haul Challenge. I thought maybe it was a convoy thing, but might not work, especially if you had 10 heavy loads crawling up a hill.
  8. Text chat opens an overlay that covers the bottom half of the screen. Is there a way to just show the chat at the bottom left?
  9. Thanks for the tips - not a lot of noobie guides on this, at least not that a noobie could find ;-)
  10. Are there groups that use this in convoys? What are the typical loads they use? 75T? I'm doing this in Single Player, but have an AlexeyP physics mod that increases the realism of a heavy load. I have 75T loads with a 560HP engine, 12 speed gearbox, and high ratio rear end - gives me something that manages hills, but slows a lot. Since that physics mod won't work in MP I'll need to experiment a bit to ensure I've a challenge with these loads.
  11. If it says no trailer does that mean everyone meets, then goes to one location to all pick up a trailer for the destination? If it does say trailer, do you get one and then show up at the meeting spot.
  12. I'm still new at this, so need to clarify. I assume someone announces a convoy at a specific time and date, going say from Berlin to Paris, on a specific server. Everyone interested goes to Berlin - in single player mode I guess - then starts MP and picks external contract. Somehow MP knows all are together and gives them a list of jobs that includes enough from Berlin to Paris for all to take?
  13. I didn't see any place on the WOT site to cancel it. But I did find the pop-up and the option to resume. All is good now - thanks.
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