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  1. Suggestion Name: Multiple in-game reports for 1 player Suggestion Description: There are times when a player deliberately breaks the rules in order to cause discomfort to other players, for example, cuts or, even worse, blocks the road and stops. In this case, 1 person complained about the player and that's it, to the rest he writes that this player has already been complained about. But it’s one thing when, for example, they didn’t make way for you, and it’s another thing when the whole of Duisburg is blocked. But for an administrator who looks at complaints, it is not clear who needs to be looked at first. Just complaints one after another and that's it. I propose to make it possible to send an unlimited number of complaints to 1 player (from different players, of course) When there are many complaints about 1 person (if, for example, some troll blocks the road), then the administration will see that a lot of complaints have come to the player and will take urgent measures. But we, the players, need to somehow make the administrators understand that urgent measures are needed for the player, but we do not have such an opportunity. P.S. Google translate, I am sorry if there are mistakes. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: The moderation of the project will be improved.
  2. Печально, что решения нет. Но ФПС кстати говоря падает даже если рядом вообще никого нет. Ну раз решение отсутствует, у меня все, будем надеяться, что появится.
  3. Без включенного таба фпс к примеру 90, включаю, доходит до 50. Если где нибудь в Дуйсбурге 50 фпс, при табе до 20-30 опускается. Компьютер не слабый
  4. При включеном табе падает фпс, в первые минуты запуска эффект практически незаметен, около 5%-10%, чем больше проходит времени, тем больше эффект, доходит и до падения в 50%. Особенно заметно при большом траффике, у кого спрашивал, ни у кого больше такой проблемы нет.
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