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  1. After Logitech G25 G27 i Decided to Switch to FANATECH CSL ELITE. Wheelbase Custom Steeringwheel, Pedals but no Shifter atm, and i must say i dont wanna miss it anymore. Yeah it is Expensive but Durability, quality and resilience are worth the higher purchase price. I would even go so far as to prefer this to a Logitech, Trustmaster etc. Alone from the expansion options, setting options that a Logitech etc. can't even come close to offering me.
  2. It can have several causes. ongoing Background programs using unnecessary resources, bad network connection. Weak GPU / CPU / RAM are all factors to consider. It is therefore advisable to look in the task manager to see which processes are taking up a lot of resources and terminate them if necessary. (Please only do this if you are absolutely sure of what you are doing or get information via Google research etc.!!!) The MSI Afterburner is a useful little tool for GPU/ CPU/ RAM, FPS and much more monitoring, overclocking. Undervolting etc, but please use with caution.
  3. Hi @BBURAK I understand that you don't agree with me, but don't forget that this is a SIMULATION GAME and not a racing game. It was not without reason that a server-wide speed limit was introduced, since the past has shown what would happen if this were not the case. And to be honest, if you want to race, you can do so on ARCADE Server in single player or convoy mode, or just play GTA, FH, Need for Speed etc. but ETS is the wrong game for that. And I stick to it, there is no need to change the speed limit, whether partially or in certain sections.
  4. Increasing that a bit again means it's still not fast enough and that boils down to removing it entirely or adjusting it everywhere. In order to do justice to everyone in the end, you would theoretically have to remove it, but then there would be the next outcry and we would be back where we were at the beginning and the discussions about speed limits would start all over again.
  5. Why increase the speed limit on motorways? So far most people have been happy with it. Of course there are always whiners who aren't going fast enough because they are alone somewhere on the freeway. And that it becomes boring if you can only drive at 110 km/h that's nonsense.
  6. Why should the speed limit be increased in cities? In reality, no one drives through the city at more than 50 or even 30 km/h. Even if it's just a game, the idea of increasing the speed limit in cities and highways just sounds absurd. And there were enough of these eternal discussions about increasing the speed limit completely or partially and in my opinion it could also be limited to 90 kmh. It also has nothing to do with whether Inexperienced players then get involved in more collisions it's more about the general public that was in favor of having that limit with a few exceptions that were against it. I think there is no need to change the speed limit, rather reduce the limit instead of increasing it. Because the past has shown what that leads to if the speed limit did not exist at all.
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