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  1. The download always fail and stop somewhere and gave me connextion error.
  2. @Joao Rodrigues I remember one day, i was driving in Scandinavia and there were roadworks (the one near Agronord, Esbjerg), I drove when the light went green, at 50km/h but I saw someone driving 100 in front of me and it was too late. Even if I drove carefully
  3. I don't know if I can believe you ...
  4. Suggestion Description: If I remember correctly, traffic lights in roadworks aren't synchronized. That means that every player does not see the green light at the same time which may result in a massive crash. Any example images: // Why should it be added?: Because it can prevent crashes from happening, especially with traffic lights that are located in road with a high density of traffic (the one in the Calais-Gonesse road)
  5. Some pages, such as this one , uses grey fonts but it's very hard to read using the dark theme.
  6. I love how many people says that car drivers are the worst but there are as many bad trucks drivers than bad cars drivers.
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