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  1. HOPE EVERYONE WINS! LAST 1 DAY FOR ''Translation Team Recruitment'' :)

  2.  CAN someone delete All my Topics except the last one? please

  3. İ send Mine, İ Hope İ Will Win!

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      You will be notified on the recruitment section if you can apply or not. If the system doesn't allow you to submit applications it will tell you why

  4. Guys i am back and i am growed! i am not trolling anymore.My friends say lets troll but i dont accept how do i erase my punishment(?) history! i want to join translate team or support team but my old bans from 2015-2016 :( please help me!!!

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    2. Netrodo


      i have 3 yellow and 1 red whats the meaning can you explain? please


      and also how to delete my topics


    3. Gromm99


      yellow means that they doesn´t count on your next ban so if you have 3 yellow and haven´t been banned in between that then the next ban you will get counts as first ban. i think red means ban by mistake. you can´t delete your own post/topics only support and upp can do it

    4. Netrodo


      Thank You So Much!!!

  5. Your the new kravaty around here?

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    2. Netrodo


      No Need To Be Other Trolls İm A Special Troll SINCE : 17 NOV 2015 xD

    3. MrHarv98


      I know you are special troll netrodo. ;) 

    4. [VIVA] Kravatie

      [VIVA] Kravatie

      we all know you are the special admin harv ;)

  6. The Old One Or New One?

    Nope New axor And Old Axor
  7. Are The New Scania Coming?!

    Guys Do You Know The Tweet Of SCS? The Team Posted The New Scania Photo And Said "We Are Working On İt" How Much Time The 2017 Scania Come To Our Game?
  8. The Old One Or New One?

    Guys I Really Want To Know The Old Mecedes Axor Or New One I Love The Old One Its Very Popular In Turkey...
  9. How Can I Get Reputation

    Guys How Can İ Get reputation Points Really Want To Know...
  10. İ Need To Find Out How To Be And Admin / Moderator İm Member Since 17 Nov 2015 (In Truckers MP) İm Turkish İ Know English So Well (B1+) I Need To And Mod / Admin. HELP PLS...
  11. Hi All Truckers!!!

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    2. Skywalker93



      So Welcome to the family IN Forum :P 

    3. Netrodo


      Member since: 17 Nov 2015 21:08

    4. Netrodo