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  1. Quick save a lot. Remap the quick save key to your space bar, and get into a habit of quick saving every 20 seconds or so. Simple as that.
  2. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    They spawn some invisible walls for me that I crash my truck into so i have them disabled.
  3. Which dlc is your favorite map?

    Beyond the Baltic sea? Or whatever it's going to be called. Although it's not out yet it's my favourite already because my hometown is going to be on it
  4. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    Sure yea why not im ok with that
  5. Synchronous random event

    Or maybe just disable them altogether ? Perhaps that would be easier and random events are mostly just road works and hitch hikers anyway so if they were to be disabled we wouldn't miss out on much
  6. Global speed limiter

    OH MY GOD NOW THE MAX IS SPEED IS NOT 160 KM/H ( yes i know u can squeeze out a bit more with a 6 speed gear and a light trailer ) BUT JUST ONLY 150 KH/H OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE NEED TO START A RIOT OR SOMETHING, R.I.P TRUCKERSMP ITS ALL OVER
  7. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    Ferry from Germany to Latvia or Lithuania
  8. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    That's cool but they should improve default countries and Going East before making more map DLCs because now when you travel from Sweden for example to Germany it looks like 2 different games
  9. [SCS Blog] Something (else) is cooking!

    I am from Lithuania and when I saw the picture with houses I knew it's Lithuania or Latvia.
  10. United Kingdom you would come some players a bit is what he is.

    I read this 3 times and still have no idea what you're saying
  11. AUDI A8

    Yep, thats an audi A8, if you look at the grill of the vehicle you can notice a badge consisting of 4 interconnected rings which means that the vehicle is indeed an Audi.
  12. Opinion Needed

    That is a TERRIBLE overtake, absolutely disgraceful, that man should be definitely be reported
  13. Cars in Euro Truck Simulator 2

    That's like your opinion, dude, I think that scout car is pretty cool and fun to drive.
  14. High beam

    It's annoying in real life but in the game its pretty much nothing, you must have very sensitive eyes or something
  15. What's your favourite truck and why?

    I like all of them