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  1. drew156

    I need data2.mp file

    Hi try going into your ProgramData folder & remove the TruckersMp folder so it's not there & then download the launcher & re-install it
  2. drew156

    Human Resources Team

    I like seeing changes in the team that work for everyone
  3. drew156

    New command "/mute"

    way not just add something in the players near you list next to the players name so a player can just open the players near you find the name & just click on the mute & the player gets muted no need for any commands
  4. drew156

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    what if a warning came up at the start of the job if your route went in to a part of the map that is not permitted for double trailers saying warning double trailers are not permitted on this route pls change your route the warning will keep showing till you change the route
  5. drew156

    Changes to the recruitment system

    Hi I think recruitment bans should be a max of 3 bans in one year or a max of 5 bans over three years no more then that so a player can have one ban one year then could have two or three bans the next year & one or two bans the third year
  6. drew156

    Can't start MP

    I have had the same message just close the message & re-cclick on the launcher
  7. guys there as been a update for ets2 to a new version so ets2mp won't work yet so we will have to be patent & white for the server to be updated 

  8. drew156

    TruckersMP not working

    hi make sure you have the latest version of the game & you have set the launcher up right
  9. drew156

    Truck customization

    the best thing to do would be to ask a tmp staff member first so you know it's ok to use
  10. drew156

    Will I get banned?

    looking at your profile you have not been banned but if you do just make a appeal & remember talking about bans is not allowed
  11. drew156

    Will I get banned?

    pressing esc key dose not move your truck in game so if you pressed esc then come out of esc & are blocking players then yes you can get banned
  12. drew156

    truckers mp forum username

    log out of the forum then log back in
  13. Hi morning everyone hope you all are having a good drive 

    1. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      thanks^^ Good Morning!

    2. Hinter


      Good Morning :)

  14. hi Iam still new to using this forum page stuff some times I can get a post to work or it will go pink & say hidden 

    1. Ali.


      If your post works that means someone has approved your reply and if not, then it is still waiting for that to happen. As well as that - if you reply with an answer similar to a previous response then it will also be like that.

      The help section has moderated replied so as I said, they need to be approved before posted :) 

  15. drew156

    Can't update TruckersMP

    Hi don't use UltraSurf try Google!