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  1. Been a few months since I've been here. Life caught up and took my time from playing games.

    I notice there's been some changes as well. Time to get back onto the road.

  2. Can't wait to get home today and hop on MP. Been dying to play, haven't been able to for the past week. Been utterly busy, hopefully everything will calm down the following week.

  3. Real Operations V3 is beginning. Hype!

  4. Had such a busy week this week. Can't wait to jump on MP later today and  just chill

  5. It's a mixed debate for me. Personally, I don't really use the cars because I play the game to drive trucks - what the game was made for. If I wanted to drive cars I'd play a different game, to be honest. But, I find that the cars are useful and pose a great addition to the game. Another means of transport, another form of vehicle to see on the roads besides the trucks. The car is fast and nimble and can get ya to locations very quickly and easily. Though, I dislike the cars because of its attraction of a certain group of people; those people who feel like since there is a car in the game, the game is now a racing sim rather than a trucking sim. Although the actions done are done by those who drive the car and they should be blamed, the car does attract a certain group of people and therefore it is the car's fault to an extent. Overall, the cars aren't really a problem and I don't have a personal vendetta against them. They shouldn't be removed and should stay as it is - with EU#1 having no cars.
  6. 1. Do you use motor brake? Nope 2. Do you play on a steering wheel? Yup 2.1 Do you use sequential shifting or H-Shifter? Sequential Shifting 2.2 Do you have 2 or 3 pedals? 2 3. What is your favorite truck? DAF Euro 6 3.1 How many HP does it have? Not entirely sure, can't remember off the top of my head. 3.2 What is the cab configuration? The lowest tiered cab, giving that square-like look & feel 4. How many DLC’s do you have (write them)? 35 - All maps, tuning and trailer packs and a bit of paintjobs 5. Do you join convoys? Now and then. Not mostly. 6. Do you sometimes go C-D just for fun? Yes
  7. Or, have it the other way around. By default, the fatigue simulation could be disabled and if you do want it, you can enable it in the tab menu under settings. Definitely a way to pin down abuse and it satisfies both parties (those who hate it and those who love it).
  8. While the suggestion is great as it allows another factor for stopping - to rest - it does have some negative points which should be taken into consideration. Such as: Players who do not sleep, will have their screen fade out and as far as I remember, when you fall asleep you cannot control the wheel which, in result, will lead to people crashing into other players due to them not sleeping. Chaos could possibly erupt at gas stations, particularly the small gas stations. Since there is only two sleeping slots at the small gas stations, some players would possibly fight for the spot or try to squeeze in. However, these negative points can be solved such as by simply adding a kick system where if the player is extremely tired, to the point where their screen fades out and they cannot control the wheel of the truck and they do not seek a rest stop in the next few minutes, they'll be kicked. Another solution can be to add non-collision zones to the small gas stations only, however, that can ruin some of the experience that some seek (such as the risk/challenge of not getting one's truck damaged by another and not hitting another player's truck). Other than those two negative points that I can think of, I do like the suggestion and wouldn't mind it being added to the MP.
  9. Thank you for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

    1. Loqrin


      You're welcome ;)

  10. Thanks for the follow :D

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You're welcome ;) 

  11. Aw, gonna have to miss the first public convoy of 2018 tonight. Gonna be out the house when it starts. Luckily I can catch it on Twitch though <3

    Hope everyone else, who does participate in it, has a good time!

  12. I take it like this: If I can simply and easily see that another player is intentionally breaking a rule, I tell them that they are breaking it and inform them that I'm reporting them. If they reply back about being "sorry", well tuff luck. They knew what they were doing was wrong, they did agree to the rules before joining MP. However, if I don't notice that they're doing it intentionally, I simply inform them that they are breaking a rule and that they can be reported by any other player. Most of the times I simply warn the person, rather than heading straight to reporting them.
  13. Loqrin

    Europe 4 no lights

    I disagree. Regardless if there is no collision on EU #4 and that the rules there are more lenient than the other servers, people should be driving with their headlights on. It can be frightening to one if they only notice a guy, up-close, going 100km/h without their headlights, heading towards them. Plus, why would you want to drive in the dark any ways? You can't see a thing when it's pitch dark. It's pointless to remove the headlight rule on EU #4, in my opinion.
  14. Congrats and good luck for the future :)

    1. M.J.


      Thank you! 

  15. Just another congrats dropping in haha, good luck with the new position!

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