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  1. [WFP]-CoolStyleBro Released

    Hi i have this problem. Can you help me? When i open MP programme write me Connection Error. Retry? and there is PRESS OK TO TRY AGAIN OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE. This is after update. Thanks for help This photo is in Czech language
  2. [WFP]-CoolStyleBro

    Problemy s Mp Truckers

    Zdravím, včera vyšel nový update na ETS 2 a MP Truckers a dnes mám problém zapnout MP Truckers po několikáté reinstalaci. Píše mi to connection Error. Retry? a různé blbosti kolme toho naízí mi to navštívit stránku MP truckers. Prosím o pomoc. Děkuji
  3. Website don´t work so i write there.


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    2. [WFP]-CoolStyleBro


      Can i ask? Can I drive the car in ETS2 MP?


    3. [WFP]-CoolStyleBro


      Because i had ban beacuse i drive car i think.

    4. Smalley


      Yes, you can drive the car in ets2mp on EU#2 & EU#3. But this is not the reason you got banned. The reason you got banned is because you had an offensive name 

  4. Hello Glanshon, you banned me and i don´t know why. Can you give me my account on MPTruckers back please. Thank you

    1. Smalley


      Do a ban appeal at www.truckersmp.com/appeal don't message an admin to unban you. You need to make an appeal. 

    2. bluesbass


      Please make a ban appeal for this, use this guide  

      Banned, what do I do now?