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  1. we figured it out its cause he dosent have ownership of it.
  2. ok so now my question is. do you have to have a copy of ATS in order to play truckermp? because one of my friends has it and he has 12hrs of game play and the site keeps saying he still needs 2hrs of gameplay. please help!
  3. xXDUBST3P666Xx


    ok i can not for the life of me figure out how to put pictures on the reporting thing for evidance. someone please help me!
  4. im just saying that it might be best if they could monitor it closely. but from now on ill be taking pic and videos of all runs
  5. OK so might i start by saying that the MP needs to be monitored more often i have see so many players run red lights and speed ramming and just being trolls. and its just getting worse and worse. so if an admin could respond to this that would be great. Thanks, safe trucking.
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