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  1. A Debate

    1- Calais duisburg are because of the trolls, many drivers are not able to drive. So I avoid going through the peak hours in this place, I'm very far.
  2. [Coming Soon] TruckFest 2018

    This year I will be present, last year can not go for personal reasons
  3. Banned because your soul is mine
  4. Good night, everyone and have a great week.

  5. Congratulations new position ;)


  6. Do You Save Fuel?

    I save more on long journeys, my average is always 2.2 km / L, since I do loads of the world of trucks

  8. Simulation and /Fix

    Thanks for listening to the TMP community
  9. Flashes and signals: The language of the road

    This is really useful on the road, but few people use it because they do not know their job, thanks for the topic and the information.
  10. CB update

    would be great if the CB had a greater extension, but 40km and an exaggeration at the maximum 3km
  11. Merry Christmas and happy birthday!^_^

  12. Wow, it's a beautiful work, I really liked it.
  13. my brakes are in 70% since I like to simulate to the maximum is not to ride in high speed, but to really adjust in 100% and safe mainly for skoda