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  1. Hello, I would like to ask how to create a company and what are the requirements for it and what tools do i need for it. Thanks in advice!
  2. Thanks for the help i guess this will help a lot of friends
  3. This is a great idea and i thnk easy to create aswell
  4. Yeah i would make them bigger too
  5. The messages are meant to be short because of the spamm avoid
  6. I think it's designed so easily for the people who aren't very good with computers but play this game
  7. The auto patcher made things much easier, Thanks for that.
  8. The game works on 64 bit better anyway so i think the update was great
  9. The wintermod works kinda laggy because the snow is dropping in tunnels or garages so i don't like it very much
  10. Which players are allowed to drive the police car?
  11. The update fixed some performance issues
  12. Do you have a 64 bit windows system?
  13. The multiplayer mod has developed very much since the begging, I like the changes
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